Easy DIY Wedding Guest Hairstyle Idea

Today, I’m giving you a step-by-step tutorial for an easy DIY wedding guest hairstyle.

With the heart of the pandemic finally coming to an end, we can finally return to our normal social lives! I know I haven’t had my hair done in sooo long. This is mostly due to the pandemic, but it’s also because I simply don’t have time to visit the salon! And with the return of socializing, I need to be able to make my hair look pretty on my own.

I don’t have any weddings coming up, so I will wear this hairstyle on date nights or at social gatherings. It looks really special and professional, with its beautiful simplicity. However, I’m not anywhere close to being a professional hairstylist, and I achieved this updo in 3 minutes. Three!! I’m going to share with you each step you need to take in order to recreate this easy hairstyle.

bobby pins for creating an easy hairstyle

Here’s what you need for this easy wedding guest hairstyle:

  • small, clear hair rubber bands
  • bobby pins
  • hairspray or texturizer
  • a brush

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How to Create this Easy DIY Wedding Guest Hairstyle Idea

At the end of this post, I’ve provided a quick video tutorial!

Steps 1-2: Pull Hair Back into Two Ponytails

But don’t pull the tails all the way through the elastics! Act as though you are creating two separate ponytails on the back of your head (not the sides) near the nape, but do not pull the “tails” all the way through the elastics on the last wrap-around. This creates two low loops. Note: There is no need to create a distinct part between the two loop buns. You actually want to hide any semblance of a part so that the updo looks as though it is a single chignon.

Step 3: Pull One Loop Through the Other Loop

Grab either loop bun, and put it through the loop of the other bun, being careful not to loosen them too much. You still want to keep the loops in tact.

step-by-step tutorial for diy hairstyle idea

Step 4: Pin Randomly

Without letting go of the loops, use bobby pins to loosely secure the loops to your head, trying your best to hide the pins. This creates a chic, yet carefree updo.

Step 5: Loosen and Fluff

Tug at random sections of the bun to hide bobby pins even further and add more volume. Then, fluff the hair at your crown to hide the part. Optional: Pull a few strands out of the bun to frame your face and add hair accessories. Spray to keep in place. Voila!

easy wedding guest hairstyle
easy wedding guest hairstyle idea
easy diy wedding guest hairstyle idea

Final Thoughts on this Easy DIY Hair Updo Idea

You can recreate this hairstyle on hair lengths from shoulder length to long! It’s super easy, and it doesn’t require any skill or many tools. If you’ve ever given yourself a ponytail, you can totally accomplish this easy updo! And it only takes 5 minutes, max!!

It’s perfect for wedding guests, bridal shower guests, party goers, date nighters, and everydayers!

Video Tutorial of This Easy DIY Wedding Guest Hairstyle Idea

Recrete this hairstyle and let me know how it turns out! Please pin this post for future reference and inspiration!

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hair tutorial for easy diy hairstyle for wedding guests


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