Hair Accessories that Will Make a Fashion Statement

Hair Accessories that will make a Fashion Statement- hair clips, scrunchies, hair goals

As a girl who grew up in the 90s, I am so so happy scrunchies are back in town! I really think they are here to stay! And not only do I love topping off my look with a scrunchie or two, but I enjoy using cute little hair clips! I have seen an explosion of hair clips in all the boutiques, in my fave stores (like Anthropologie), and on Etsy!

And if you are not that adventurous with your outfits and aren’t quick to try out all the new fashion trends, adding a hair accessory or two can painlessly do the trick for you! I’ve scoured the internet for the cutest hair clips for women, and adding any of these favorites to your hair can really help you make a fashion statement!

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Dressing up your hair is a simple (and fun!) way of topping off your makeup look, your outfit, or even showcasing your mood! On top of that, women’s hair accessories are pretty affordable! (I tried not to link any crazy expensive ones- Save those for your wedding!)

And…if I still haven’t convinced you to grab a few new hair accessories, adding a hair clip or two is a total time-saver when you’re running late! Toss that curling iron aside, throw in a few fashion hair clips (or pull your hair back with a leopard scrunchie), and you will strut into work on time like you’re on the catwalk! Trust me, you will be a compliment magnet!

14 thoughts on “Hair Accessories that Will Make a Fashion Statement

  1. I was hesitant at first, but I’m loving the scrunchies again lol. Not so much when I’m going out, but definitely at home. And the fun, geometrical clips are so so cute! I love adding the metallic colors into my dark hair. 🙂

    1. You know? I was hesitant, too, actually! But they are really fun for wrapping around buns or for half-up everyday hair! And yes, the metallic colors are perfect for dark hair!

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