19 Fashion Trends to Try in 2019: Part 3

Whether you’re adventurous with your style or you like to play it safe, you’re bound to want to try at least one of these 2019 fashion trends! (In case you missed the first 12: Fashion Trends to Try in 2019 Part 1 // Fashion Trends to Try in 2019 Part 2.) My favorite so far is the pink and frilly trend, but I know some of you are totally not into that, and that’s okay! You can still still stay on trend by choosing one or all of the other 18! Let’s wrap up this list…

13. Biker Shorts

I have to admit… I haven’t jumped on the biker shorts train yet, but since I LOVE living in leggings, my mind may change! Biker shorts are longer than the shorts in my closet, and even though they are tight, they cover things up. I think I will get a pair and live in tunic tees, button downs, and biker shorts all summer! Yes, I think I just talked myself into this trend!

Here are some I may try:

14. Pants Under Dresses

You can wear pants under your summer dresses not only to make a fashion statement, but to transition from winter to spring (on the first spring days) and from summer to fall (Think October 1.). I actually wore the look below in late September last year!

Get My Look!

Psst.. The fringe bag is also a 2019 fashion trend!

15. Knitted Pleated Skirt

So, I don’t really think pleated skirts are going anywhere. I think they are a classic! Pleated skirts are sooo versatile. During the winter months, velvet pleated skirts are a thing. I have two of them and love to style them with half-tucked oversized sweaters and sneakers!

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But you can’t wear velvet year-round, and I’ve been seeing a lot of knitted pleated skirts for spring and fall. Retailers also have countless polyester-blend versions of pleated skirts that could also work well in milder temperatures.

Some Knitted Pleated Skirts to Look Into

16. Black and White

Obviously, you can pair a white shirt with black pants. But so many white and black color-block options have been popping up everywhere! And don’t be fooled. Black and white seems like a safe choice, but it’s totally show-stopping and bold!

Take a Look

17. Statement Sneakers

I am SUCH a sneaker girl. I have problem feet that basically force me to find the cutest sneakers, and it turns out that adorable statement sneakers can be the focal point of an outfit! Just think: white tee, skinny jeans, STATEMENT SNEAKERS.   What wins?

Here’s My Wishlist!

18. Patterned Pants

Another very easy way to make a fashion statement in 2019? Patterned pants! You can find a pair for almost every setting and occasion, and tons are following a black and white theme (See #16!)

Check these out!

19. Ponchos

Ponchos have kind of been a thing for a while now. But the good news is, they are here to stay, so if you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, there’s still time! I have ponchos in cotton and knit, but I would really love to have a silk poncho!

What’s fab about ponchos is that you can literally wear them ALL YEAR ROUND. Because retailers sell them in so many different materials, you can find ponchos for any time of the year! And they are so EASY to throw over tees, but they make you look like a style star!

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Here’s a variety of ponchos to check out!

I really hope you try one or some or all of these fashion trends! Time to step out of your box and really feel amazingly about your style!

9 thoughts on “19 Fashion Trends to Try in 2019: Part 3

    1. Haha biker shorts was my least fave of the 19 when I started the posts, but then I talked myself into them as being really cropped leggings and it made me go hmmm

  1. Love these looks. I’ve never felt that I could pull off patterned pants, but I absolutely love wearing dresses and pants together, it’s such a pretty and comfortable style <3

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