LOFT Try-On and Haul: Winter 2018

You guys. ALL of the winter essentials I am about to show you (Think cozy sweaters, sweater dresses, velvet leggings, and winter accessories.) are HALF-OFF right now!! I don’t think life could get much better than a half-off sale at my favorite retailer! Ha!  So check out my LOFT try-on and haul!  I have so many winter outfit ideas for you with lots of mix-and-match pieces!

Loft try-on and haul winter 2018, winter outfit ideas

Winter Outfit #1 (Bought all of it!)

Loft try-on and haul winter 20180 sweater dress, velvet leggings, and fedora

Ribbed Tie-Back Sweater Dress

Velvet Leggings

Blush Infinity Scarf

Wool Fedora (Seriously, how fun is this hat?! It makes any outfit so much cuter!)

Winter Outfit #2 (Bought both pieces)

Black chenille turtleneck and white corduroys- Loft try-on and haul winter 2018, winter outfit

Chenille Cowl Neck Sweater (Soooo soft)

Corduroy Button-up Skinnies (Low stock, similar here!)

Winter Outfit #3 (Bought the sweater and the leggings- have a similar hat already and the slippers were too wide for my abnormally skinny feet!)

Loft try-on and winter haul 2018- cozy Lou and Grey sweater, leggings, pom pom hat

Lou & Grey Tunic Sweater (only available in pink now, but if I had seen that in the store, I would have bought it instead!!  I actually bought the XS because that was the only size left, but I kind of wish I had been able to size up to small or medium for length.  However, I’m wearing it right now, and it is sooo soft and cozy that I wouldn’t care if it was even smaller haha!)

Lou & Grey Cozy Flipside Leggings (buttery soft!)

Faux Fur Pom Pom Hat (I sooo wanted this, but I have one that is very similar.)

Winter Outfit #4 (bought the fedora and the velvet leggings in black)

Loft try-on and haul winter 2018 cowl neck sweater dress, velvet leggings, wool fedora

Velvet Leggings

Wool Fedora

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Button-Cuff Cowl Neck Sweater Dress (I really wanted this dress, but I can’t buy everything.  I may decide to get it if it stays on sale!)

Winter Outfit #5 (bought the leggings)

Loft Try-On and haul winter 2018- grey sweater dress and leggings

Lou & Grey Sweater Dress (This dress would be a great addition to my winter wardrobe, but since I bought the first one I showed you, I decided to leave it at the store. So sad!)

Lou & Grey Essential Leggings (These leggings are AMAZING. I bought 2 pairs!)

Winter Outfit #6 (Bought all)

Loft try-on and haul winter 2018- tunic sweater, fedora, leggings

Boatneck Tunic Sweater (Cream is sold out right now, but there are three other colors to choose from.)

Lou & Grey Essential Leggings

Wool Fedora

Winter Outfit #7 and #8 (very similar- paired together- bought all)

loft haul and try-on winter 2018- cozy speckled v-neck sweater with white corduroys

Lou & Grey Flecked V-Neck Sweater (So extremely soft!!  it makes for a perfect casual winter outfit.)

Corduroy Button-up Skinnies (Low stock, similar here!)

Cowl Neck Tunic Sweater (I bought the maroon heather color, but there are others to choose from.  Hard to see the hue here.)

loft haul and try-on winter 2018- cowl neck sweater with white corduroys

Winter Outfit #10 (bought all)

loft try-on and haul winter 2018 cute casual winter outfit

Lou & Grey Flecked V-Neck Sweater

Lou & Grey Essential Leggings

Blush Infinity Scarf

Winter Outfit #11 (bought the leggings)

LOFT haul and try-on sherpa hooded cardigan and soft leggings

Faux Sherpa Open Hoodie (I wanted this, but it was the last item I tried on, and I was at my max!)

Lou & Grey Cozy Flipside Leggings (buttery soft!)

Sleepy Pajama Tee (so cute- has eyelashes on it)


I looove this winter haul so much because all of the pieces are so comfortable and can be mixed and matched.  The pieces are great investments, especially if you’re lucky enough to snag them while they are on sale!  You will have endless winter outfit ideas just waiting for you each morning!

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