Daily Beauty Regimen for Hair, Skin, and Nails (Great for Busy Times!)

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Fall is upon us, which means some of the busiest times of the year are approaching!  From adjusting to the back-to-school grind and preparing for the holiday hustle, healthy habits sometimes take a back seat to life!  Before you know it, your hair is splitting, your nails are breaking, and your skin is less than glowing.  I’m sharing a daily beauty regimen for your hair, skin, and nails that may help you feel more put together during busy times!

The best natural supplements for hair, skin, and nails- Beautiful Ally

Beautiful Ally by Bluebonnet

Beautiful Ally contains the master antioxidant of glutathione  (so these are a no-brainer for me).  Here are some of the main ingredients in this beauty supplement:

  • biotin– for hair and nail support
  • collagen peptides– protein that may support skin elasticity and hair thickness
  • keratin– a protein that may strengthen hair
  • MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane)– a chemical found naturally in people, animals, and many plants that can be helpful in addressing wrinkles)

The best natural supplements for hair, skin, and nails- Beautiful Ally supplement facts

My Thoughts and Experience

These vegetable capsules (free of gluten, barley, and sugar!) are a great addition to my daily intake, especially on those really crazy days! I love that the ingredients can support beauty needs, such as:

  • maintaining lustrous hair, skin, and nails
  • enhancing skin moisture (Hello, dry winter!), elasticity, and radiance

I already notice a difference in the way my hair feels, and my skin does seem extra glowy.  It’s possible other factors, such as current humid weather conditions and lower stress levels (Wait, I don’t know if thats true- ha! #twinmomlife) also may be helping my beauty levels.  However, I love that I’m supporting my hair, skin, and nails from within- not just topically!

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I will definitely keep this natural beauty supplement in my daily beauty regimen!


What beauty support do you need most in the winter?

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  1. 9.13.18

    I need all the beauty support for my hair, nails and skin!!! I can’t choose which one of the three. With that being said, before I start taking supplements, I know I need to drink more water and have a healthier diet, which I’m sure will help with the hair, nails and skin 🙂

    • 9.19.18
      Jackie said:

      Oh I agree!! Especially on the water!! And I have to be more conscious of my diet. This supplement will help support all 3 so you don’t have to choose.

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