Fall Wardrobe Basics You Need

Fall is almost here!  I’m going to share with you the  fall wardrobe basics you need to have in your closet!  All the pieces are versatile and can be worn in any season (great for your wallet!), but they give me such fall vibes!  And basic?!  They are anything but!

The White Button-Down

Tie-front is everything here. It’s so difficult to find a good white button-down shirt because they have a tendency to look too boxy or dressy.  This one is perfect!  Just think of the outfit possibilities!

Fall Wardrobe Basics You Need- white button down, denim mini skirt, brown boots, mini backpack


The Denim Mini Skirt

Remember in the early 2000s how everyone wore those tiny Abercrombie mini skirts that were soooo low-waisted?!  I cannot even imagine wearing any denim low-waisted (let alone that short haha).  This high-waisted denim mini skirt is so flattering!  Look for one that hits mid-thigh.  I’ve linked some below!

Fall Wardrobe Basics You Need- white button down, denim mini skirt, brown boots, mini backpack

The Brown Boots

I wear brown boots way more than I wear black.  I think it’s because brown is more casual (but certainly doesn’t have to be!), and I’m a casual gal.   It’s hard to find time to “dress up” and go out with two little ones at home.  So brown boots just make sense in my life right now.  I’ve only linked this exact boot for you because they are that good.  The color, the fit, everything.  Plus, you can wear these boots in other seasons!

Fall Wardrobe Basics You Need- tall brown boots

The Mini Backpack

Backpacks are great for the colder months.  You don’t have to worry about sweat on your back, and backpacks usually fit more of your stuff!  There’s much more running around in the fall and winter, which means more STUFF!  Plus, mini backpacks like this one have room for  your scarves and cozy accessories!

Fall Wardrobe Basics You Need- mini backpack

I hope you found this style post useful in refining your fall wardrobe!  You need these basics in your closet for sure!

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PS- I’m currently doing a closet-closet-out so that I can do a big master closet reveal on the blog!

Fall Wardrobe Basics You Need- white button down, denim mini skirt, brown boots, mini backpack

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  1. 9.11.18

    I’m looking forward to when I can wear a white shirt again without having to worry about it getting food or drool on it, haha!

    • 9.11.18
      Jackie said:

      Haha I know right?! Took me 4 years. (Twin mom)

  2. 9.11.18
    Holly said:

    I love the jean skirt with the boots. So cute!

  3. 9.11.18
    Elizabeth Edgar said:

    Love your style! I agree they’re great basics for the fall season!

    • 9.19.18
      Jackie said:

      Thanks, Elizabeth! Now if fall would get here already!

  4. 9.11.18

    I love that boot and jean skirt combo! You wear it well!

    • 9.19.18
      Jackie said:

      I appreciate that. Thank you!

  5. 9.11.18
    Brittany said:

    I am so happy that mini skirts have come back around! Love the look

    • 9.19.18
      Jackie said:

      Me too! You can do so much with them!

  6. 9.27.18
    Jazz said:

    I love a good button-down white shirt but hadn’t considered it a fall staple.

  7. 10.3.18

    Love the way you did a fall basics post based on an outfit! It makes it so easy to incorporate each piece of a look into a wardrobe. Great job!

    xx Jenifer

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