Floral Pants for Summer 2018 (+ How to Style Them)

The other day, I took my girls to the indoor pool for some swimming.  I planned on getting into the pool also, so I wanted simple outfit that wasn’t just a coverup.  So I threw on some floral pants and a long chambray button down.  No lie, I got sooo many compliments walking into and out of the building!  I really couldn’t believe it, since the top was old and not my fave (Never get rid of a piece of clothing until you’re super sure you won’t use it!).  And alas, this scenario inspired me to share my favorite floral pants for summer 2018 + how to style them!

The pants I wore (Same exact cut, different print.  I bought them last summer.)

Similar chambray tops here, here, and here (I had gotten mine at TJ Maxx last year.)

floral flared pants, chambray top
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Although these outfits make for great beachwear, you can dress them up or down.  If you have trouble envisioning the outfits on, be sure to checkout my new “From Flatlay to Real Way” series:

From Flatlay to Real Way Vol. 1
From Flatlay to Real Way Vol. 2

Okay, onto outfit 1…

In my outfit above, I paired an oversized top with slim-fitting pants.  In the following outfit, the floral pants are super wide-legged, so I stuck with a form-fitting crop top.  I also had a little fun mixing the patterns while sticking to a color scheme.

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wide leg floral pants
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You can even take the look a bit further with a straw floppy hat, which I’ve linked with the rest of the items in the widget below!

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Now these floral pants have a different cut than the other two.  What’s great about that is that you can have all 3 of these pairs of pants in your summer wardrobe and not feel like your outfits are on repeat!

And right now, these pants are on sale for under $24!  And the top I’ve paired with them comes in 3 different colors (blush, white, and black).  I think the sleeves really balance out the cut of the pants.

floral pants and rattan bag
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Floral pants should be a part of every summer wardrobe.  Whether you will wear them to the beach, to dinner, shopping, at a coffee date, floral pants are sure to wow.  They stand out while being really comfortable, and you can’t be that!

Plus, they are super fun to accessorize.  I seriously want to buy all of these summer clutches.

Style tip:  Don’t forget to keep the look balanced based on the cut of the pants.  However, if you’re aiming for an all-around oversized look, by all means go for it! But maybe tuck part of your top in.  Subscribe to my newsletter at the bottom of this post to gain access to Style and Beauty Hacks I Swear By!

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  1. 5.23.18
    jennmaks said:

    Those are such cute outfit ideas! I love it! I’m a safe dresser but I’m definitely considering trying some floral pants now.

    • 5.23.18
      Jackie said:

      Thank you! I hope you try some. They are usually extremely comfortable!

  2. 5.24.18

    LOVE ME SOME PATTERNED PANTS! Yes girl! These look amazing!! Perfect for this time of year!

    • 5.26.18
      Jackie said:

      I hope the trend stays forever! These pants are so easy, yet super chic!

  3. 5.24.18
    Tif said:

    I loved the black floral outfit! How fun for summer!

    • 5.26.18
      Jackie said:

      Isn’t it cute?! Thank you.

  4. 5.24.18

    Cute ideas! I love floral pants because they come in the prettiest prints and they are so comfy!

    • 5.26.18
      Jackie said:

      Thank you! Aren’t floral prints just always so pretty?!

  5. 5.24.18
    llindaxxo said:

    I have floral leggings – does that count!? Regardless, I still definitely want a pair of flowy floral pants!

    • 5.26.18
      Jackie said:

      Haha I think that counts!! I had a pair I wore holes in because I loved them sooo much!!

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