My Experience Using Monat Hair Products

If you haven’t heard of Monat hair products, you’re not alone.  I just learned about the brand.  It’s a direct sales line of hair care products.  But not just any hair care products.  Cruelty-free and naturally-based hair care products.

Monat also goes out of its way to ensure the ingredients in its products are safe for family members of all ages and all hair types.  Stick around and read about the experience I had using Monat hair products on my fine, highlighted hair!

Monat review, hair product review, beauty blog

The Facts about Monat

“We Are Modern Nature.”  That is Monat‘s motto.  And here’s why:

  • 100% vegan
  • cruelty-free
  • cutting-edge science to suit all hair types and improve quality of hair and scalp (You can even use some of the products on your skin!)
  • made of naturally-based ingredients that do NOT contain:

harsh salt systems
harmful colors or fragrances

Monat review, hair product review, beauty blog

Here are some of the stand-out ingredients in the majority of Monat hair products:

  • REJUVENIQUE™Oil Intensive, a blend of over 13 unique oils combined with botanicals that has the potential to deliver longterm anti-aging properties (can be used on skin, too!)
  • CAPIXL™- Red Clover Extract to reduce scalp inflammation, strengthen/thicken hair, stimulate growth, and decrease hair loss
  • PROCATALINE™- Pea Extract to help prevent hair loss, protect color and shine, and provide protection against environmental stress
  • CRODASORB™- UV absorber to help preserve color and protect from sun damage

What I Tried

Since I have fine hair and struggle with volume, I tried Monat’s Volume System:

  • Revive Shampoo– a gentle cleansing agent
  • Replenish Masque– promises to restore life, elasticity, and springiness
  • Revitalize Conditioner– weightless moisture
  • REJUVENIQUE™ Oil Intensive– promises to enhance shine and tame fly-aways

Monat review, hair product review, beauty blog

My Thoughts and Experience

The Shampoo

While lathering my hair with the Revive Shampoo, I already knew it was different than any other shampoo I have tried.  Why?  It wasn’t overly sudsy (most likely because it lacks sulfates).  Plus, as I rinsed it, my hair just felt more like hair.  I instantly felt as though I had more and/or thicker strands.

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The Masque

You are supposed to use the Replenish Masque before you use the conditioner.  The packaging says to leave the masque on damp hair for 5-10 minutes.  I opted for 5.  As I rinsed, I didn’t even feel the need to follow with conditioner.  My hair seemed full and thick, yet smooth.  But Monat suggests following with conditioner, so that’s what I did.  (FYI- Use the masque only 1-2 times per month.)

The Conditioner

It’s super light, and a little goes a long way!  I really enjoyed massaging it into my scalp.  It was really relaxing and made me feel like I was at the spa!  Again, as I rinsed my hair, I just felt like I had more hair!  That is always a plus for me, as I have always struggled with volume.

The Oil Intensive

Since I rarely blow dry my hair, I pulled a small bit of REJUVENIQUE™ Oil Intensive through the ends of my hair to finish the look.  I was surprised that it didn’t weigh down my hair at all!  It kept my hair bouncy and shiny all day and didn’t dry out my hair, like products that target volume often do.  Bonus:  You can use this oil as an overnight scalp treatment (The oil soaks in after a few minutes and doesn’t transfer to your pillow.) or even as a remedy for dry skin anywhere on your body! It actually has 101 uses!

REJUVENIQUE™ Oil Intensive

More thoughts...

Monat hair products are designed for people who do not wash their hair daily, which I often do.  So even though I shampooed my hair again the next day, I alternated with another shampoo and did not use the masque.  However, it is important to note that as I rinsed my hair, the feeling of thicker hair was still there.  This tells me that Monat really gets to the root of your problems and sticks around for awhile.  (Important: I liked the Monat duo better the second time used it.)

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Furthermore, I have recently started only washing my hair every other day.  I truly believe this is because of Monat!  My hair seems to have so much life the second day, which it didn’t have pre-Monat.

Even though I simply air-dry my hair, again, my hair just feels like hair.  Like it’s really there.  And my highlights just pop with an extra bit of shine to them.  My hair (even as I type this with air-dried hair) feels voluminous and bouncy.

Halo Hair Extensions
My Monat hair!

I have got to try to heat style my hair, because I bet it would take less time and look absolutely gorgeous!  When will I try?  I don’t know.  #momlife  At least now I know my hair can look extra good without even styling it!

human braiding hair

Want to try Monat for yourself?

For samples, you can contact Christy at or visit this Facebook page.  You can also visit Monat for more information.  Like I said early on in the post, Monat has products for your entire family- even your kids!

Given the safe and impressive ingredients in Monat, be sure to check it out!  I love that my hair feels spectacular because of safe and cutting-edge ingredients.

That’s what’s up in hair care.  Have you tried Monat products?  Comment with your thoughts about it or your current favorite hair products!

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  1. 1.29.18
    Nicole said:

    I love hearing the experience of people with other hair types. Monat has completely transformed my hair, but unlike you, I was suffering from extreme damage from daily heat styling. I cannot live without the Oil, Blow Out Cream and Rejuvabeads! If you like to go longer in between shampoos, their Dry Shampoo is a favorite of mine. My stylist said it’s the best she’s ever used too!

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