Décor Wish List from the Urban Outfitters Home Sale

I don’t know about you, but I have so much fun decorating my home!  I feel so accomplished when I create a space that reflects my personal style.  Being in a space like that makes me feel more “at home.”  And since I always feel like there is something more I could adorn my home with, I’m shopping the Urban Outfitters Home Sale this weekend. You can save up to 40% on bedding, lighting, décor, and more for a limited time!  Check out my décor wish list!


My Top Décor Picks from Urban Outfitters

Now, a lot of this is kind of pink and girly.  My husband tolerates a small amount of it, but most of the pink items are for my own personal spaces, and not the main living area.  I can’t blame him for not wanting a flood of pink everywhere…  I don’t want my living space looking like a man cave!  But great news:  Most of these come in non-pink hues, too!

Décor Wish List from the Urban Outfitters Home Sale

1. Utensil Holder

I love having a lot of white in my kitchen to keep the mood bright and airy! This faceted utensil holder is crisp and clean and fun!

2. Wire Wall Square Grid

This is perfect for any creative space. I would use it as a vision board by hanging my favorite quotes and fashion inspiration from magazines. You could also create an inspiration board with photos you are proud of, like I did here. Or you could simply use it to display photos of family, friends, and pets.

3. Unicorn Magic Macbook Pro Laptop Skin

They had me at unicorn. Well, actually the pretty colors had me first. How pretty is this laptop skin?!

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4. Unicorn Magic Keyboard Cover

Imagine how much more work I could get done typing away on these colors. I have never had a keyboard cover before! Should I get both the laptop skin and the keyboard cover, or is it too much?! Comment below!

5. Fleece Throw Blanket

I mean, can you really ever have enough blankets? I’m going to start keeping one in every room. Aside from being pretty, they are super cozy and create a relaxing atmosphere.

6. Vogue: The Covers

This book would spruce up any coffee table, but I think I would keep it in my brand-new walk-in closet. I could use a little inspiration while I am getting ready to face the day.

7. Tiered Wooden Bookshelf

Not just for books! These types of little shelves hold adorable knickknacks and can put a personal touch in any corner of your home. The only problem with buying more shelves is having to buy more things to set on them! I mean, that’s not really a big problem, is it?! Haha

8. Ruffle Shams

These beautiful shams come in an array of beautiful neutrals, but of course I’m in love with the neutral pink! Do you think they are neutral enough to not offend my husband?! They ARE machine washable, and my current shams are not. That’s a major selling point, right?!

9. Dotted Medallion Print Rug

The color is fab, obviously, but it also comes in tan with neutral lime accents. I’m also drawn to the tassels! Plus, it comes in 3 sizes! I am really thinking about getting it for my closet!

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10. Lips Mirror

How cute would this look at a vanity! It’s such a cute and girly accent!


That’s what’s up this weekend!  Where do you like to shop for home décor?  Happy Sunday!

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