A Few Simple and Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Girly Girls

I love Zaful because they have some of the most novel items ever!  If you need a few simple and inexpensive gift ideas for girly girls, definitely head to Zaful and browse their seemingly infinite array of unique fashion and beauty items!  See a few of my faves below!

A Few Quick Gift Ideas for Girly Girls- Zaful camera purse A Few Quick Gift Ideas for Girly Girls- Zaful camera purse A Few Quick Gift Ideas for Girly Girls- Zaful camera purse



When I ordered this camera shaped crossbody bag, I was slightly skeptical because it’s so novel, but when I opened the package, the bag’s quality and cuteness totally blew me away!  Best of all, it’s super roomy!

I get so many compliments on this bag, and I know the girly girl or fashion lover in your life would love it!

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Sequin  backdrop/silverbackdrop/silver-backdrops  sequinsequin  backdrop/goldbackdrop/gold  A Few Quick Gift Ideas for Girly Girls- Zaful 7 piece rhombus makeup brush set

And aren’t these makeup brushes so pretty?!  I honestly thought of Zaful as strictly a fashion retailer, but I was really wrong!  Their selection of beauty items and accessories is never-ending!

I literally had my closet redone last week, and these brushes look so beautiful in the all-white space.  (I cannot wait to share the closet transformation with you all. I’m just waiting on a few final finishing touches!)

Aside from being pretty, the brushes’ bristles are the perfect amount of soft, and at $10.49 total (before any discount codes), they are a huge steal!  Any beauty lover in your life would love to pull these out of her stocking!

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You can also shop the other items in this post below!  

That’s what’s up in gifting right now! I hope you enjoyed these quick gift ideas for the girly girl, and I hope you’ll subscribe or check back soon for my everyday girl gift guide!  If you need more gift-spiration, head to any of the posts below!  

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*Zaful sent me these two items in exchange for an honest review.  For more information, please see my Disclaimer.

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  1. 12.6.17

    Yay! Haha I didn’t know what kind of category they were in ?

  2. 12.7.17

    Thanks! Isn’t it cute? I had never heard of Zaful either, but I have been pleased with everything I’ve gotten from them!

  3. 12.9.17

    Thanks! I think so, too!

  4. 12.12.17
    highstreetbeauty11 said:

    I LOVE those makeup brushes. A perfect gift for any age!

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