Cozy Sweater Wish List: Style Tip Tuesday

It’s time to stock up on cozy sweaters!   I’m loving the selection at Zaful right now.  Their sweaters are super cute and trendy.  I always feel like I could use another cozy sweater or two (or more) in wardrobe.  Zaful makes that really easy, because their pieces are all budget-friendly!  They even have holiday-inspired sweaters!  So fun.  Here is my cozy sweater wish list from Zaful.

Which sweaters should I order??  Leave a comment to let me know which you would like to see me in!  And see my style tips at the end of this post!

Patched Fuzzy Bowknot Applique SweaterWomen SweaterPatched Fuzzy Bowknot Applique Sweater

Bat-Wing Sleeve Weave Pattern V-Neck Gray Sweater Cozy Sweater Wish List- zaful

Loose Cable Knit Chunky SweaterCozy Sweater Wish List- zaful

Loose Snowflake SweaterCozy Sweater Wish List- zaful

Raglan Sleeve Oversized Faux Pearl SweaterCozy Sweater Wish List- zaful

Cowl Neck Oversized Chunky Sweater

Cozy Sweater Wish List- zaful

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You can never have too many cozy sweaters, especially when you hang them to dry, like I do!  Some sweaters take forever to dry.

Plus, you should have at least 2 holiday-inspired sweaters on hand in your wardrobe.  I like to go with red, because I can wear that on multiple occasions, but I also love a fun graphic sweater!  Zaful has some with Home Alone and Elf quotes on them- priceless!

And you should always have a cute print sweater in your wardrobe that’s not over the top, like the snowflake sweater. You can make a fashion statement without even trying, and stay comfortable while doing so!

You need to have at least a few current trends in your wardrobe as well. The grey fringe sweater, applique sweater, and faux pearl details are super on-trend!

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And you could always use a cozy neutral cable knit sweater in your closet! I love how the one above is so long. It’s perfect for skinny jeans or leggings!

That’s whats up on this Style Tip Tuesday.  Please choose two sweaters you think I should order, and comment below with your decisions! Happy Halloween!!

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  1. 10.31.17

    Me too! I want them all!

  2. 11.3.17
    highstreetbeauty11 said:

    I just want all the snuggly, cosy jumpers right now! They look great with everything and feel so comfy!

  3. 11.4.17

    Love chunky cable knits. So ready for fall!

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