How to Not Have a Wardrobe Malfunction in the Summer

During the summer, I wear a some tops that are beautiful but too sheer for my comfort.  I reach for others that hang off a shoulder or totally let the world in when I bend over.   And of course there are the tops with the super huge arm openings.  Sometimes I feel that I have way too many tops like this, but they are all soooo my style!  On this Style Tip Tuesday, I’m sharing tips on how to stay classy in these types of threads and how to not have a wardrobe malfunction in the summer.

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So for the majority of the potential tragic wardrobe malfunctions associated with super relaxed, summery tops, I have one quick and easy solution:  a bralette.

Is this a new revelation to everyone?  Probably not.  However, up until last summer, I avoided wearing most of the aforementioned styles of tops because I didn’t know how.  So I am sure someone could benefit from this post!

Maybe it’s because bralettes seem to be everywhere this summer, or maybe it’s because they are totally cute AND functional, but I am crazy obsessed.  I now have 5 bralettes…and they are all from the same place.  TARGET!!

I can vouch for the awesomeness of every single one of these bralettes because I own them (some in more than one hue).  Personally, I prefer the lacy type…

Check some of them out keeping me classy!

Style tip:  Bralettes with unique strap designs can jazz up a plain tee from behind!

Shop my outfits below!  And if you want to keep your man comfy and classy and need some gift ideas, there are so many great options out there!  The man in your life needs to steer clear of a wardrobe malfunction, too, and he could always use more undergarments like these!

That’s what’s up on this Style Tip Tuesday!  How do you stay comfortable in the summer?  Share your tips below!

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  1. 8.1.17
    Alison said:

    I totally agree! Bralettes are a total style-saver & I’m so glad they’re super popular and easy to find now. I love your picks! I need to go to Target and stock up 🙂

    • 8.1.17

      Thank you! I never really owned any until this year. I remember last summer trying to layer bandeau tops under things, and it just wasn’t as easy or practical. And who wants to wear a strapless bra when they don’t have to! I wear the bralettes in this post over my regular bras, and it works out great!

  2. 8.10.17

    Girlfriend you rock the bralette like nobody else!! Love how classy you make it look!!!

  3. 8.16.17
    Kate said:

    well, you have officially convinced me that I need to get a bralette!

  4. 8.16.17
    BeautyByEmm said:

    I love bralettes! I really think they make an outfit! You always look so good!

  5. 8.16.17

    I just got into bralettes is a true life saver. I just got into them. I love the way they look and comfortable they are.

  6. 8.17.17

    To be honest, I never tried a bralette before, I don’t even have one! But this blogpost convinced me!
    Great post ❤

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