How to Add Rustic, Romantic Charm to Your Home

We moved to our current house almost 4 years ago, but we still have yet to completely furnish and decorate.  Having had our twins shortly after moving day, you can imagine that we haven’t had too time to really spruce up the place.

Slowly, but surely, my husband I have been able to spend more attention on making our house a home.  We’ve purchased more furniture, and now I can focus on incorporating chic farmhouse touches throughout the home.  If you like my style, you’ll love my tips on how to add rustic, romantic charm to your home!  (Shop my fave rustic home décor throughout the post!)

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How to Add Rustic, Romantic Charm to Your Home

First off, I love blush pink.  However, it’s super girly, so it is not a predominant color throughout our home.  BUT, I still like to add little feminin , romantic touches here and there, without overwhelming the place.  So when I saw these silk peony bouquets from, I knew they were just what I had been looking for!

Silk Flowers from

Upon receiving the flowers, I knew immediately that I wanted to place them in a rustic jar or mug.  I had a small copper mug that I had previously purchased at HomeGoods, but it was a little too short.  So I headed back to HomeGoods (had to find an excuse lol) and found a taller mug that was more suitable for the bouquet.  I love having pops of copper in my window cabinets and on shelves, especially since my kitchen cabinets and a lot of shelves are white.  romantic charm, rustic charm, home décor, farmhouse décor, silk flowers

Adding shiny metal items to wood or distressed wood definitely adds some rustic charm.  The bench housing the coppery mug of beautiful peonies above is also from!  I really enjoy the range of products they have to offer…and their selection of silk flowers is just about endless!  Here is a closer look at my bench.

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How to Add Rustic, Romantic Charm to Your Home 1

How to Add Rustic, Romantic Charm to Your Home 2

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How quaint does this little setup look?!  I would have silk flowers and benches in every corner if I could.  I’ll get there, eventually, I’m sure.  Ha!  The books and the LCD candle add a level of coziness, too, which is a part of rustic charm.  (I would have put a real candle there, but it’s too low for the littles, and I would actually like to light it.)

How to Add Rustic, Romantic Charm to Your Home
Shop some rustic home décor below!

Take the romance outdoors!  You can even easily spruce up the outside of your home with products from, such as artificial boxwood hedges made of silk.  You could use them to create private little nooks around outdoor cocktail tables or on decks in the city.  (We used to live in the city and had a rooftop deck, and I really wish I knew about these silk hedges!!) They really come in handy because they don’t require any upkeep and are moveable!

hintergrund landschaft//hintergrund blumen//hintergrund regenbogen
How cute is this little painting of this romantic little porch?! Love the coziness and the color of the chairs. (Photo courtesy of

*I received the silk flowers and bench from in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are always 100% my own.

That’s what’s up in home décor.  Do you like romantic, rustic charm?  I cannot wait to continue to share more décor ideas with you.  And I’ve got an exciting before-and-after master closet renovation to show you within the next couple of months!

Fingertip Bridal Veil

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  1. 7.10.17

    Thank you!! The moment I laid eyes on them, I knew they were the flowers I needed. Xo

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    BeautyByEmm said:

    I love this post!anything rose gold definitely adds a little something!

  3. 7.12.17

    Wow! I really love these tips! I am heading to Commercial Silk right now! lol

  4. 7.12.17
    Katy C. said:

    Great tips! Definitely will do this in our future house.

  5. 7.15.17

    Thank you! The bench is actually very tiny. ?

  6. 7.15.17

    Doesn’t it make everything pop?! Thanks for reading!!

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    Thank you! Super simple idea with big impact ?

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