Style Tip Tuesday: Pineapple Chic

Cannot.  Stop.  Buying.  Pineapple.  Stuff.  How cute is it??!  I can’t even remember the last time I actually ate pineapple (That needs to change because it is so delish.), but I am obsessed with the current pineapple trend.  (I am actually fond of many of the current fashion trends.  2017 style is on point!)  Pineapples are bright, happy, and just plain adorable, so who wouldn’t want pineapple-inspired clothes and accessories?  Since today is Style Tip Tuesday, I am sharing all things pineapple chic.  What fashion trends are you currently loving?

Style Tip Tuesday Pineapple Chic pin

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As you probably already know, my style is usually pretty casual.  Casual style just fits my LIFEstyle, but I try to stay chic.  And right now, I try to stay pineapple chic!  (I totally have a wish list and will be adding to my pineapple trend collection throughout the spring and summer.  Like I said, I truly hope people don’t get sick of this fashion trend!)

I have had the top below for 2-3 years.  I didn’t wear it at ALL last summer, but I just couldn’t bring myself to get rid of it while cleaning out my closet.  Although I wasn’t as into pineapples as I am now, deep down I knew they were cute and sure to come back into style.  And here I am wearing it two days ago, along with my wooden JORD watch!  You can shop my outfit components below each group of outfit images.

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Style Tip: Pineapple Chic

Style Tip: Pineapple Chic

Style Tip: Pineapple Chic

Also on my wrist is a pineapple Alex and Ani bracelet.  (I’m obsessed with Alex and Ani, too.)  Did you know the pineapple is symbolic of hospitality, friendship, and warmth?  Really, could pineapples be any cuter?

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Style Tip: Pineapple Chic Alex and Ani Bracelet

Style Tip Tuesday Pineapple Chic Flatlay

The other outfit I am going to show you features an H&M tee.  I actually think this tee is what started my pineapple craze.  Always be happy!

Style Tip Tuesday: Pineapple Chic H&M tee

Style Tip Tuesday: Pineapple Chic H&M tee

Style Tip Tuesday: Pineapple Chic H&M tee

Beaded Bracelets: Lily and Laura

I love graphic tees!  If you do, too, be sure to check out last week’s style tip.

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Here are some of my favorite pineapple clothes, accessories, and decorative items!  Warm up your home and welcome your guests with some happy pineapple touches.

That’s what’s up on this Style Tip Tuesday.  Are you loving the pineapple trend?  Let me know!  Also, comment below with any style tips or fashion trends you would like to see me address on a future Style Tip Tuesday.  xoxo

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  1. 5.23.17
    Natalie said:

    I would love to see a style tip on chokers….they’re coming back and I don’t know what to think about it. I wore chokers in 8th grade. ?

    • 5.23.17

      I love this comment!! LOL yes, 8th grade for sure!! I actually want one of the black velvet chokers. They totally remind me of Afterthoughts… Do you remember that store?? Anyway, I don’t have many chokers at all. I have one neutral beaded one I got on sale at Anthropologie. Will totally keep this in mind, add to my collection, and create a post. Be on the lookout!

  2. 5.23.17

    I love the ” always be happy ” pineapple shirt! It’s so fun and how can you not be happy when you have a pineapple on your shirt?

  3. 5.23.17
    joniamac said:

    I love the “Always Be Happy”pineapple shirt!! I also have a Alex and Ani pineapple bracelet that I got for graduation, I like how yours has a full pineapple on it.

  4. 5.23.17

    Yes!!! I should have included that!!! Xoxo

  5. 5.24.17
    redlipstickblondie said:

    Pineapples are perfect for summer! I love Alex and Ani bracelets!

  6. 5.24.17
    Gabrielle “Crystal” RoseBonniee said:

    Hahah, that pineapple obsession! I think it looks very cute but it´s nothing for me haha. I prefer strawberry pattern :3 ❀

    ❀ Blog de la Licorne ❀

  7. 5.24.17
    xoJenny said:

    I think its so funny that you wrote about pineapples because I too have been having a pineapple obsession too lately! I haven’t bought an Alex and Ani bracelet in so long but I saw the pineapple one and was so drawn to it. I also have been looking at bathing suits and fairy light fixtures of pineapples too lol Its so cute and screams summer! It helps that I love eating pineapple too 😉

    xo, JJ

  8. 5.24.17

    Ohhh I’m going to check out your pic! I’m sure I will want whatever you are wearing.

  9. 5.24.17
    luxblush said:

    Pineapple print is the cutest, and I love everything you picked out!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  10. 5.25.17

    I love that first pineapple shirt! It’s a cute, subtle way to wear this adorable trend. Pineapples are too cute

  11. 5.26.17
    BeautyByEmm said:

    I’m in love with all of these items, especially the clothing!

  12. 5.26.17

    OMG I am obsessed with every single item in this post. So cute! xx.

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