LipSense: Does It Really Last All Day?

I have seen LipSense all over Instagram throughout the past year, but I never paid close attention to it.  LipSense a long-lasting lip color made by SeneGence, which claims the color can last up to 18 hours.  They say that it’s smudge-proof, water-proof…pretty much everything-proof.  How many of you have had a lip color that you didn’t have to reapply all day?!  I know I never had an iron clad lip color (although I tend to go for balms and glosses, whose shades don’t usually have strong staying power).  So I put LipSense to the test:  Does it really last all day?  Is it a legitimate long-lasting lip color??

LipSense: Does It Really Last All Day? Bombshell

LipSense: The Color

I love a nude lip.  And since summer is on its way in, I knew that I definitely wanted to try a nude shade.  Plus, since I had never tried the brand before (and because I generally do not wear long-lasting lip colors), I thought that I would have an easier time applying a neutral shade.

I settled on the color of Bombshell.  Who doesn’t want a color called Bombshell anyway?!  The set came with the color, the gloss, and even a mistake remover!

LipSense: Does It Really Last All Day? Bombshell

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LipSense: Does It Really Last All Day? Bombshell

LipSense: How to Apply

Application is a little bit of a process.  (You’ll have to keep reading to see if I think it’s worth it.)

  1. Clean your lips with witch hazel.
  2. Open your mouth as wide as you can- like you’re screaming on the scariest roller coaster ever- and keep it that way during the entire application. (so sexy, LOL)
  3.  In one motion, sweep the paint from one side of your bottom lip to the other.  Re-dip the wand and do the same on top.  Whatever you do, don’t close or move your mouth!  Wait 20-30 seconds (I fanned my lips).
  4. Complete step 2 two more times (so that you apply a total of 3 layers of color).
  5. With your mouth still wide open, apply the gloss.
  6. Close your mouth/rub your lips together.
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LipSense: Does It Really Last All Day? Bombshell

LipSense: Does It Really Last All Day? Bombshell
This is NOT how I applied the color. My mouth was much, much more open. But I wanted to show you the wand.

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LipSense: Did It Stand the Test of Time?

It’s important for me to note that LipSense is guaranteed to last LEAST 4 hours and can last as long as 18.  Lots of environmental factors play a role in the performance of the lip color, such as:

  • pH levels
  • what you eat
  • how much/little water you drink
  • how often you reapply the gloss coat
  • initial exfoliation period when you first begin to use LipSense

I applied the color + gloss after breakfast.  You aren’t supposed to have to reapply the color at all throughout the day, so I didn’t.  But you are supposed to reapply the gloss, especially before and after eating.  I followed protocol, and the color really did last all day.  (I don’t think I had it on for the full 18- hours…had to hit the hay before that haha.)

LipSense: Does It Really Last All Day? Bombshell
Fresh paint + gloss
LipSense: Does It Really Last All Day? Bombshell
After lunch (reapplied gloss before and after lunch)
LipSense: Does It Really Last All Day? Bombshell
Before bed (reapplied gloss before and after dinner)

The color definitely stayed on my lips.  I was impressed!  Did it look like it did when I applied it in the AM?  No, but it still looked pretty darn good.  It was refreshing to not have to reapply color once throughout the day.  Reapplying gloss is no big deal!

My favorite thing about LipSense??  I can guzzle coffee from my YETI without ruining my precious lip color, and no one has to look at my lipstick smudges on my cup.   A lipstick-stained cup or coffee mug is always embarrassing. (Side note:  I am obsessed with this color and will absolutely purchase it when this set runs out.  This shade puts the perfect exclamation point on my makeup look and skin tone.  I just love it!!!)

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LipSense: Does It Really Last All Day?

So...Why Choose LipSense?

  • extremely long-lasting lip color
  • no preservatives
  • free of lead, wheat, and gluten
  • non-GMO ingredients
  • not tested on animals
  • vegan
  • tons of shades to choose from

LipSense: Does It Really Last All Day?

*Special thanks to Natalie Robinson for sponsoring this post.  If you are interested in browsing/purchasing LipSense, please visit and join her Facebook Page, Smudge-Proof Smooches.  You can also email her at  And be sure to visit her Instagram page!  She posts lots of pretty photos that feature LipSense shades, as well as essential tips and tricks and other information.  (Pssst…I highly recommend the shade Bombshell!!)

LipSense: Does It Really Last All Day? Bombshell

That’s what’s up in long-lasting lip color.  Have you ever tried LipSense?  What did you think?  Or do you have another long-lasting lip color to tell me about?  Let me know in the comments so I can try it out!  

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  1. 5.23.17
    Janel said:

    Great review!! I have heard a lot of great things about lip sense. Question. Does it have a tacky or sticky feel when applied to the lips??

    • 5.23.17

      Hi Janel! So after you apply the gloss and rub your lips together, it feels like normal lip gloss. Not to sticky but definitely not dry. But the lip color itself is really sticky, and that is why you can’t close your lips until after you apply the gloss. I don’t have any experience with any of their other lip products- not sure if they have a matte collection or not and how different that might be.

  2. 5.23.17

    Hi Linda! So, I am not an expert, but I think you want to make sure you get the lip color in all facets of your lips- even the fine lines. The formula is quite thin to help with application precision. And I think you have to let it dry completely between coats so that you don’t smear it around. I hope that makes sense!

  3. 5.24.17
    xoJenny said:

    I don’t think I’ve heard of Lipsense before but now a whole new lip gloss door has opened up to me! Any lip that lasts with minimal effort and maintenance is an A+ product in my book. I especially like the shade you used, I think I would have to get that same exact color!

    xo, JJ

    • 5.24.17

      The shade is to die for, honestly, and it would look great against your skin tone!! The effort is more than usual initially, but then you’re basically done for the day. You can refresh with the clear gloss without a mirror!

  4. 5.24.17

    Haha yes it is totally odd! But I’ll do anything to have this exact color! Plus it does last. Even through eating!

    • 5.24.17

      I have never tried the Maybelline one so I cannot compare. But whoa! 24 hours. lol beauty sleep is real!!

      • 5.24.17

        Yes I struggle getting the LipSense off. I can get most off with micellar water. I have never tried a cleansing oil! Which one do you use.

  5. 5.25.17

    If you do, I highly suggest this color!! Xo

  6. 5.26.17
    redlipstickblondie said:

    I love this stuff!! I have a few colors. They are perfect for long days!

  7. 5.26.17

    Wow! Sounds like it’s worth the process to me xx.

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