Style Tip Tuesday: Style Tips for Wearing Basics

I have been posting more of my outfits to Instagram lately since being welcomed into the community.  If you have never heard of, it’s a free app that lets you shop bloggers’ outfits!  Once you’re all signed up and have downloaded the app, simply like or screenshot a photo on Instagram.  You can choose to receive emails with outfit details, or you can open your app and shop all of your screenshots and likes!  There are so many awesome fashionistas on Instagram.  I love being able to shop their outfits!

Since I have been sharing more of my outfits, I wanted to begin a new weekly segment here on the blog:  Style Tip Tuesday!  Today, I am focusing on how to choose and wear basics without looking blah.  Who says basics have to be boring??!  Here are some style tips for wearing basics that will make you feel special without compromising your comfort.

Style Tips for Wearing Basics- Style Tip Tuesday

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Don’t get me wrong.  A plain black tee can look absolutely fabulous by itself.  You could literally pull on your fave denim skinnies and slide on a pair of black heels and possibly look more chic than if you tried really hard!  You could also always jazz up your favorite black tee.  See these 5 outfit ideas!

But here’s another idea.  Purchase a plain, comfy, cotton tee that has something extra special going on, such as scalloped sleeves, a braided neckline, or fancy cutouts.  I found this extra special black tee at Marshall’s.  It’s made by PEPIN originally costs $160, and I bet I paid $29.99.

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style tips for wearing basics- black tee

I wore it on a 68 degree day during a trip to the zoo with my family.  The cutout pattern goes around the entire bottom of this tee!

style tips for wearing basics- black tee

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[wc_heading title=”Style Tips for Wearing Basics: The Universally-Flattering Viscose Tee” heading_type=”h2″ margin_top=”” margin_bottom=”” text_align=”left” font_size=”” color=”” icon_left=”” icon_right=”” icon_spacing=”” class=””]

Because viscose is so soft and silky, it has a loose, but not sloppy fit.  It looks great on any body type, in my opinion, and it is so. COMFORTABLE.  Why not find a top with some exposed shoulders that wears just like your favorite tee?  Hollister is full of them!  I am tempted to purchase the one below in more colors.

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style tips for wearing basics: grey tee

I added a fun beaded collar necklace, bright nail polish, my JORD watch, and Alex and Ani bangles.  (Read more about them here!)  Do I look boring?

Style tips for wearing basics- gray tee accessories

[wc_heading title=”Style Tips for Wearing Basics: In Conclusion” heading_type=”h2″ margin_top=”” margin_bottom=”” text_align=”left” font_size=”” color=”” icon_left=”” icon_right=”” icon_spacing=”” class=””]

Buy the basics!  Be comfortable!  No one has time to be uncomfortable.  Look for basics with something extra special going on, and build your accessory collection so that you are always ready to go.  Charming Charlie is an amazing place to buy accessories because they carry each item in various colors, and the products are super inexpensive!

That’s what’s up on this inaugural Style Tip Tuesday!  I hope you enjoyed it!  How do you wear your basics?  Comment below!  Also, if you have any style concerns you would like for me to address on a future Tuesday, drop them below!

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  1. 5.3.17
    highstreetbeauty11 said:

    I love the black top. I always go for black on my top half and adding a bit of detail is perfect x

  2. 5.3.17

    Yesss! Basics are there because they are fundamental to any wardrobe!

  3. 5.3.17
    xoJenny said:

    Oh my I must get to marshalls and find that black top!!! I love the uniqueness of the details on the bottom so darn cute!!!! Your fashion advice is my favorite!!!!

    xo, JJ

    • 5.3.17

      Thank you sooo much, Jenny! I got that top about 2 weeks ago, so you still have a chance of finding it for cheap!!! Try TJ Maxx too

  4. 5.3.17
    janel said:

    I love a good basic!! It is how I build all my outfits!!! I do love the detail on the bottom of this shirt. Adds a nice edgy feel to the look!! I love the cut out shoulder top. Looks really comfy!!

    • 5.4.17

      Super comfy and super inexpensive. The shoulder top is from Hollister, but the black top was a rummaging find at Marshall’s. Haha my husband says I rummage.

  5. 5.4.17

    Thank you, Madison! Glad you like my super casual style! Hope to inspire you again next week. xo

  6. 5.4.17

    Thanks! I am glad you like my ideas. I love finding a good non-basic basic tee in the store!

  7. 5.4.17

    Exactly! Those two tees are the comfiest ever! But I never felt boring in them.

  8. 5.4.17

    Haha aww thank you! That top comes in many colors. I actually think I had wanted a different color, but the store didn’t have my size. I am glad they didn’t, because I love the light gray!

  9. 5.4.17
    Gabrielle “Crystal” RoseBonniee said:

    You look amazing! Nice and comfy outfits ♥

  10. 5.4.17

    I need to scope out Marshall’s more! That black tee is so gorgeous!
    -Stephanie |

  11. 5.4.17
    redlipstickblondie said:

    I love your necklace and that black top!

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