Trendy Mother’s Day Gifts from My Fave Shops (All of My Picks Are On Sale!!)

I love all of the current trends!  Rose gold accents, pom poms, bell sleeves, velvet, rustic home décor… There’s not one trend I don’t like right now!  And because Mother’s Day is approaching, I decided to round up some trendy items from my favorite shops.  Moms can be trendy, too!  In fact, that is what this blog is all about: staying hip and trendy without compromising comfort.  If you have been unsure of where to begin searching for Mother’s Day gifts, look no further!

Trendy Mother's Day Gift Ideas- all items are on sale!

I put together 3 different lookbooks filled with Mother’s Day Gifts.  Be sure to check out my commentary below each item.  Bonus:  Every single one of these Mother’s Day gifts is on sale right now!

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That’s what’s up in gift-giving today! I hope you enjoyed the lookbooks.  Which items do you like the best (either for yourself, your mom, your aunt…)?  Let me know in the comments!  

By the way, I took that photo of the pink tulips last week.  Don’t you just love tulips?!

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Affordable + Trendy Mother's Day Gift Ideas


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  1. 4.26.17

    My mom isn’t a huge clothing or accessory fan, but she would most likely love the items from the home section. Thanks for the suggestions!

  2. 4.27.17
    Jasper said:

    I’ve concluded that you and I have the same taste in everything! I need that floral clutch and that maxi midi skirt (and it’s a perfect nude color)!

  3. 4.27.17
    joniamac said:

    Great picks on the accessories and clothing, I was shopping more for me than my mom. Anyways, my mom would love the copper pitcher and spoon.

    • 4.27.17

      Haha I know that the gifts are geared more toward younger ladies like you and me, but I know my mom would love that scarf!! Xo

  4. 4.27.17
    April Kitchens said:

    My mom isn’t trendy at all lol. Maybe I should get her hip to the game with something off of the home picks.

  5. 4.28.17
    redlipstickblondie said:

    I love those bracelets!! I still haven’t decided what I’m getting my mom yet. Lol

    • 4.28.17

      I love those, too. I haven’t decided either. I tried to make lookbooks with items that I thought my mom would like and that I thought I would like. But I know some of these gifts aren’t for everyone!

  6. 4.28.17
    carefreeandcoffee said:

    I’m lucky because my mom tells me EXACTLY what to get her every year lol but these are really cute and I can definitely find things for myself!

    • 4.28.17

      I know my mom would love the bracelets and scarf for sure, but a lot of these are really geared for younger moms. Hopefully, all those young kids are reading my blog. haha! Or at least the husbands.

  7. 4.28.17

    Isn’t that wallet pretty? I think there is also a matching bag. I think my mom would love the bracelets and the scarf, for sure!

  8. 4.28.17

    Thanks! I tried to pick things I would like and things my mom would like. Some overlap, and some don’t. For instance, I know she wouldn’t wear the black top with the exposed shoulders. But I would!

  9. 4.28.17

    Can’t go wrong!

  10. 5.3.17
    xoJenny said:

    Okay wow first of all, I LOVE how you put this post together!!!! Look how crafty you are with the whole slide show thing to showcase each idea! My mom is a total anything you can use in the kitchen and gardening type of mom. I think the gardening set would be perfecttttt except she must already have all of that since she has a lush garden so maybe I’ll just have to get her some plants lol Great ideas though!!! <3 <3

    • 5.3.17

      Thanks!! Haha yea the gardening kit maybe not so useful for something who’s really into gardening. It would be more of the thought for that one! But you can’t go wrong with the copper pitcher. Haha I want it ?

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