Spring Is Blooming with JORD: Make Your Style Blossom!

Hooray!  The forecast finally has a steady string of some 70-degree weather!  That means that spring is blooming, and so is my wardrobe!  I am so ready to trade sweatshirts for short sleeves + cute jackets.  The perfect companion for my spring style?  A wooden JORD watch!  I am loving the combination I have: Fieldcrest Zebrawood & Maple.  Continue reading to see how I styled it and  to enter for $100 towards your own JORD watch!

The JORD Watch Packaging

Spring is Blooming with JORD

What lovely, sturdy packaging!  I will definitely keeping this beautiful woody box on display with some of my go-to accessories inside.  And the little hemp pillow!  How cute is it?!  I want to find a way to repurpose that as well.

What makes JORD watches so unique?

JORD watches are made of natural wood.  This makes for such a cool watch!  The wood automatically submerses me in nature and puts a smile to my face- especially after enduring a winter that seemed to drag on and on.  The light colors are perfect for my spring wardrobe and really get me in the mood to get outdoors and shake this winter weather for the season.

And although the wood is natural, both the band and the face of this watch have detail that will make both you and your wrist stand out!  The Zebrawood, which is native to West Africa, has a gorgeous wavy striped grain.  And although the grain of the Maplewood face is slightly more muted, it doesn’t shine any less than the Zebrawood.  JORD chose the perfect balance between wild and subtle to create an elegant, fun, wear-with-anything, unique watch that is so suitable for spring and summer.  However, I will most definitely be wearing this in the fall, too!  Bonus: This particular watch is so light that I forget I am wearing it (except when I catch a glimpse and admire its beauty).

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Spring is Blooming with JORD- wrist style

My Spring Style Ideas with JORD

The range of outfits you can create around this watch is so large.  Really, the possibilities are limitless.  Unless you are heading to the ball or a black-tie gala, this watch will go with your outfit.  Below, I wore the JORD watch with one super casual look and two casual chic looks.  I really think my spring style is blossoming, thanks to this watch!  I love that it makes me feel extra put together and like I have major purpose.  Ha!

Spring is Blooming with JORD- bomber jacket

Spring is Blooming with JORD- casual chic 1

Spring is Blooming with JORD

Spring is Blooming with JORD- bomber jacket

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You Need a JORD Watch of Your Own!

It’s SUPER easy to enter the contest.  You type two things (your first name and your email address) and choose your favorite JORD series and model, and you are officially entered to win $100 gift card towards a JORD watch!  Plus, even if you don’t win the $100, you win a $25 gift card to JORD just for entering (once the winner is chosen)!!  ENTER THE CONTEST HERE!

That’s what’s up in spring style today. What do you think of this JORD watch?  Don’t forget to enter the contest! It closes on 4/16.  Best of luck to you!!

*Disclosure:  JORD sent me this watch in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are always my own.

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28 thoughts on “Spring Is Blooming with JORD: Make Your Style Blossom!

  1. I’ve been seeing these Jord watches more and more and I love them more and more each time. The wooden band is so unique and literally by the looks of your photos goes so perfectly with any attire! Entering contest now! *fingers crossed!*

    xo, JJ

  2. Their watches look so elegant and I love how you included different types of outfits to wear the watch with. It looks great!
    Too bad I don’t wear watches 🙂

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