How to Stick to Dress Codes Without Looking Like Everyone Else

It’s way easier for women to stick to dress codes without looking like everyone else than it is for men.

There are many reasons I love being a woman, but one of them is the fashion!  Whenever I have a free moment, pretty much all I want to do is shop for clothes.  Thankfully, I don’t have too many free moments these days, or I’d break the bank! There are just so many new and different options to need want all the time.

Plus, I am really good at repurposing pieces in my wardrobe and curating different outfits.  That’s why when I find out that I have a special occasion to dress for, I don’t panic!  I just head to my closet and start mixing and matching, no matter what the occasion is!  (I have also learned to only spend money on pieces that really fit my style and my lifestyle.  Visit this post to learn more!)

How to stick to dress codes without looking like everyone else

Dress Codes: Ladies who Lunch

Take the following outfit, for example.  I decided to wear it to a girls’ lunch at a nice restaurant in the city, but I had so many other options to choose from!  Just think of the range of outfits I could have chosen.  I was originally going to forego the leggings and wear black heels, but the weather turned unexpectedly cold!  You always have to be prepared in early spring!

All of the girls at the gathering wore different types of outfits, and yet they all looked stunning and suitable for the birthday celebration lunch!  Jeans, sweaters, sparkles, strapless, heels, flats, boots… You name it!  The “ladies who lunch” dress code has room for country club chic, smart casual, boho chic (which is what I consider my outfit), and more formal looks.  The range is so wide that there was no way I was going to look like everyone else at the table.

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Are Dress Codes Easier for Women to Follow than Men?

Why do women have such a large choice range when it comes to choosing an occasion outfit? Well, I think the reason is this:  Women have at their fingertips such an array of different clothing types, and this widens the dress code parameters.  Plus, women can wear a single item in many different ways.

But what about men?  Whenever my guy and I have somewhere to go, he always looks dapper, but to be quite honest, his outfits are all quite similar:  Nice jeans and a blue button down with nice shoes… Dark suit with a tie…  When we get to where we are going, he joins the other men in dark suits and blue button down shirts.

Sure, he switches up his ties and rotates his button down shirts, but let’s face it.  If we go to happy hour at a local restaurant or to a formal event at the country club, I pretty much know what he will be wearing.  But I bet he never knows what I will emerge from my closet looking like!

how to stick to dress codes without looking like everyone else-

A Guide for Men's Dress Codes by The Black Tux

Check out this infographic from The Black Tux.  The next time we have plans, I will pull up this chart on my iPhone to help my husband put together an outfit.  This guide will help him break out of the two-choice rut and look fashion-forward, all without compromising the dress code for the occasion.  He will be able to stick to the dress code without looking like everyone else at the gathering.

Take the suggested dress code for a casual occasion, for example.  Next time my husband and I go to happy hour or out to dinner, I am going to suggest he wear a blazer over his button-down and swap the jeans for casual trousers.  Or he could keep his jeans and button-down combo and add an interesting tie!  I think I feel a shopping trip coming on…

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Speaking of shopping trips…  If your guy doesn’t want to spend loads of money on different suits or tuxedos, he can rent from The Black Tux.  They deliver!  How cool is that?!  No long shopping trip required.  Plus, he won’t have to play any guessing games when it comes to choosing the right suit or tux.  The Black Tux offers  Free Home Try-On for 48 hours, so he can wear the garments a bit before he makes his decision.

Prom Dress Codes for Guys and Gals

I know prom season is swiftly approaching, and the young men in your life would surely be the talk of the event if they chose from these  Prom Tuxedos & Suits.  And how fun would it be to get all the guys together and have a virtual prom outfit-building party using The Black Tux?!  Okay, maybe I am getting ahead of myself, but it would make for a great date night or co-ed party!

And I am sorry ladies, The Black Tux is only for guys (at least right now), but you don’t have to get stuck in the poofy prom dress rut either.  You can go all-out old-Hollywood glam in an elegant gown and gloves, or keep it modern with a sparkly cocktail dress and killer accessories.  Check out some of my top prom dress picks below!

That’s what’s up in style. Do you think you’ll use this infographic for the men in your life? Do you agree that it’s easier for women to stick to dress codes while remaining unique than it is for men?  Let’s chat in the comments!

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27 thoughts on “How to Stick to Dress Codes Without Looking Like Everyone Else

  1. Hubby always wears practically the same thing too and unfortunately he doesn’t own tuxedos or anything nice for that matter hahaha. He’s just not that kind of guy who “dresses up” lol. Me however, I feel like I have a dress for almost* every occasion. I say almost because i feel I’m still missing a few pieces lol.

    1. I think the only tux my husband has is from our wedding 10 years ago haha. And all his button-down dress shirts tend to be light blue. So like, if he was a cartoon, he would always be in the same outfit. ha! I feel like I had dresses for almost every occasion, too, and I have outfits for occasions I have never even been to lol. But like I said, you can mold them to be for occasions that fit your lifestyle. xo

  2. Plsss let me steal that black dress,I love that dress from Free People…I wish I can get it here! As far as dressing my man goes, it is something I am not allowed to do 😉 (Some rules of our marriage) He is too obsessed with his clothes so I don’t bother much. Great post!

  3. I love the outfit you wore for your lunch outing. I agree that women have a lot more choice and I love discussing outfits and even sharing my clothes with my girlfriends x

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