Vienne Milano Luxury Thigh Highs: Love Your Body

Disclosure:  I was sent this hosiery on behalf of Vienne Milano, and this post may contain affiliate links.  All opinions are 100% my own.

Can I tell you how long it has been since I have worn traditional hosiery?  I stopped wearing stockings a long time ago because they are a pain to wear:  They bunch up, sag, restrict my movement, and downright make me feel like a sausage.  I honestly feel that no matter what your body type or shape is, regular pantyhose are so unflattering around the midsection and would create a muffin top on a plank of wood!  No thanks!  So as of late, I have either skipped covering my legs all together or resorted to leggings, which can look quite casual.  But with these Vienne Milano Luxury Thigh Highs, my body (and my outfits) can fear no more.

Vienne Milano Luxury Thigh Highs

Vienne Milano Luxury Thigh Highs: The Basics

This luxury, Italian-made hosiery comes in many different patterns, colors, and textures to suit the needs of your occasion.  You can slip them on for occasions such as weddings, work, parties, date night, etc., and I promise their comfort and silkiness will make you feel opulent and in love with your body.

The thigh highs have a silicone thigh band which doesn’t cut into your skin and stays put, so you don’t have to worry about them rolling down.  (When I was a teacher, my coworker had on run-of-the-mill thigh highs that kept rolling down all day!  This scene made for a good laugh…even for the students!  She is now retired, but I am definitely going to point her in the direction of these Vienne Milano thigh highs!  These did not budge the entire time I wore them!)  And it’s nice to not have to worry about unnecessary bulges and bumps in your midsection!

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Vienne Milano Thigh Highs

Vienne Milano Thigh Highs
Silicone band
Vienne Milano Thigh Highs
Pretty detail on the band

Vienne Milano Luxury Thigh Highs

Vienne Milano Luxury Thigh Highs

Vienne Milano Luxury Thigh Highs

Vienne Milano Luxury Thigh Highs

Vienne Milano Luxury Thigh Highs: The Materials

Vienne Milano crafts their hosiery with the finest hypoallerginic yarns, laces, and other materials so that they last considerably longer than your average thigh highs, and they are affordable, too.  Prices range anywhere from $19-$90.  Plus, they are super silky and smooth!  I am wearing the MAFALDA version in brown.  If you would like to purchase any Vienne Milano hosiery, enter the code THATSWHATSUP at checkout to receive 10% off.  (This is an affiliate link, which means I will make a small commission from your purchase.)

Vienne Milano Luxury Thigh Highs

Lace Applique Edge wedding veil

Cathedral wedding Veil

How fun is this pattern?!  It just takes any outfit, casual or dressy, to the next level.   Vienne Milano also has some rose-print thigh highs that I really have my eye on.  Print not your thing?  They have plain hosiery, too!

Vienne Milano Luxury Thigh Highs: Conclusion

Here are my favorite things about Vienne Milano Thigh Highs:

  • No muffin top
  • Comfortable, silicone band that doesn’t budge
  • Pretty patterns
  • Soft and silky
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Affordable
  • Versatile

That’s what’s up in affordable luxury fashion that helps you love your body.  You should seriously have a look at the Vienne Milano collections if you want to feel chic and functional.  Don’t forget to enter the code THATSWHATSUP at checkout if you want to save 10%!   Have you ever tried thigh highs before?  Let’s discuss your experiences in the comments!

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  1. 2.14.17

    Thanks! They are so practical. I wish I would have had some before! I can’t say enough good about them.

  2. 2.14.17

    Oh thank you, Alifya!

  3. 2.16.17

    Oh thank you! Are you sure you can’t have them shipped to you? That would be a shame. They are so functional and so pretty. I couldn’t even feel the silicone band! Xo

  4. 2.17.17
    xoJenny said:

    I loveee the pattern of the thigh highs, the fact that you can dress it up or wear it casually is so appealing. I’m definitely a tights lover….I’ve never tried thigh highs but at the same time I guess I never really though to, but I’m betting that I’d love them seeing as though I’m already a tights/stockings lover. This could be a game changer!

    xo, JJ

    • 2.18.17

      Hi Jenny. These tights do not move. You won’t even know they are there! It’s really incredible. They could take your (already cute- I’m sure) office outfits to the next level! Xo

  5. 2.19.17

    Hi Indya! We all have those pesky self-esteem issues. I think society creates them! Tights are the best! I feel like you can’t go wrong with tights and leggings. They are stylish, which in and of itself boosts your confidence! xoxo

  6. 2.19.17

    Oh, thank you!

  7. 2.19.17

    These stockings could keep you warm I think! As long as you dress warmly everywhere else. You should definitely try them because they are soooo comfortable. And thanks about the pins!! Xoxo

  8. 2.20.17

    Oh they are totally promising! I would buy them all if I could. You can even wear under distressed denim!! Xo

  9. 2.21.17

    Thanks! Maybe you could try wearing them under distressed jeans when it is cold. The pretty pattern can peek through the holes! xo

  10. 2.22.17

    I love patterned tights! This was my first time trying thigh highs as well, but I would never go out and look for a different brand. That’s how well they work!

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