Simple Valentine’s Day Décor

Let me be honest.  My decorating for Valentine’s Day is just an excuse for me to sprinkle a little pink everywhere.  And when else can I decorate with heart-shaped adornments?  I began decorating for Valentine’s Day shortly after New Year’s.  I just kind of tired of all of the Christmas stuff shortly after the holidays this year for some reason.  So I thought I would spread the joy to you by inviting you into my home to view all of the pink and happy decorations!  Come on in and see my simple Valentine’s Day décor.

Valentine's Day Decor- pin

Simple Valentine's Day Décor: Flowers

Flowers, flowers, everywhere!  Faux flowers, that is.  I have a slight (major) addiction to fake flowers.  They just brighten up corners and other spaces so easily!  Take a look.

Brightening the top of a cabinet
Valentine's Day Décor
Brightening a corner
On the kitchen island
Adding a delicate touch to a wooden desk

I am almost positive the pink bouquet on my kitchen island will remain there until the fall.  That one is my favorite.

Simple Valentine's Day Décor: The Mantles

Valentine's Day Décor- informal mantle
pink candle holder from Target Dollar Spot
Valentine's Day Décor- informal mantle
marquis heart from Michaels

Valentine's Day Décor- informal mantle

Valentine's Day Décor

The bowl filler below is actually rubber stamps and heart ornaments!

Valentine's Day Décor

Valentine's Day Décor- heart stamps

Simple Valentine's Day Décor: Nicknacks

Wooden signs and trinket dishes are forever present in my home.  Like the faux flowers, I just cannot help myself!!  I just keep wanting more and more!  I try not to place them too near one another to avoid overloading people’s eyes.  One or two per room seems to be okay.  What are your thoughts on the matter?

Valentine's Day Décor

At first, I thought the snowmen contradicted the florals, but I kind of like it.  I just couldn’t look at another mini evergreen tree any longer.  Plus, it is almost spring.  Yay!

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Valentine's Day Décor- love door sign

Valentine's Day Décor- xoxo dish

Valentine's Day Décor

I got this Alex and Ani Valentine’s Collection bracelet stack after I wrote about the rest of my Alex and Ani collection.  Check it out!  Your arm could always use more love, right?!

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The trinket dishes came as a nesting trio from Kohl’s.  You can shop those and some of my other simple Valentine’s Day décor items below!

That’s what’s up in home décor.  I hope you enjoyed my simple Valentine’s Day décor tour!  Do you decorate for Valentine’s Day?  What’s your go-to shopping destination for home décor?  I would love to know!  Let’s discuss in the comments below.

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