7 Reasons You Should Watch The Crown on Netflix

If you are looking for a new TV series to get into, you have got to start watching The Crown on Netflix.  My husband heard about it from a coworker, so we decided to give it a try.  The show chronicles the life of Queen Elizabeth II, who I have now discovered is more intriguing than I initially thought.  If we had the time (and there weren’t other urgent shows to watch, such as The Bachelor and college basketball), we would binge-watch all 10 episodes.  Haven’t heard about it yet?  Here are 7 reasons you should watch The Crown on Netflix.

10 reasons you should watch The Crown on Netflix- cast
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 1. The show is drenched in royal history.  This might seem obvious, but the plot, setting, and costumes really bring you back in time and give you a real glimpse into what royal life was like in the 1940s.  Which brings me to…

2.  The show begins in the late 1940s.  This is such an iconic decade, as it marks the end of World War II.  Jazzy lounge music (Sinatra-esque) and the revival of haute couture just give this period of time some extra sparkle.  If I could go back an visit a decade, I would choose the Forties.

7 reasons to watch The Crown on Netflix- pin

3.  The accents.  Need I say more?

4.  The acting is outstanding!  I am no expert, but the actors deliver excellent portrayals of the characters.  They really allow you to jump into their lives.  Claire Foye, who plays Queen Elizabeth, is so charming and believable, and John Lithgow could practically be Winston Churchill.  The entire cast won a Golden Globe, and Claire Foye won Best Actress.

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5.  The lifestyle of the royals is so extravagant, it’s otherworldly.  I couldn’t even fathom the lavishness, so it’s definitely a must-see.

6.  It’s interesting to learn the roles of the prime minister and the royal highness.  The two forces have to work together.  It really is a balance of power that takes lots of balancing.

7.  In this case, the prime minister is male (Winston Churchill), while the queen is female.  The gender struggle is definitely on full display, and I love to see how Queen Elizabeth handled it.

That’s what’s up today (and hopefully on my TV tonight).  If you’ve seen The Crown, why do you like it?  Are you currently binge-watching anything on Netflix??  Comment below! 

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  1. 2.3.17
    Claire Talks Beauty said:

    This show is really interesting ! i should check it out for sure ! i love royal series!

    • 2.4.17

      You totally should! It’s actually the first royal show I’ve gotten into, so now I kind of want to see Downton Abbey to see what all the fuss is about!

  2. 2.6.17

    Oh me neither! Haven’t finished 1 yet. But isn’t it so addicting?!

  3. 2.7.17
    xoJenny said:

    Love this suggestion, after all, Ive always been fascinated with royalty lifestyle annnnd I’m not currently binge watching anything…..looks to me like its good timing 🙂

    xo, JJ

  4. 2.8.17

    Oh you totally should!

  5. 3.16.17
    Daphne said:

    LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!! Can’t wait for the next season! Have you checked out Reign? It is about Mary, Queen of Scots

    • 3.17.17

      I haven’t finished the season yet, but don’t you just love young Queen Elizabeth?! I will have to check out Reign. I have heard of it, but never seen. Is it on Netflix?

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