Review: India Hicks Hand Lotion- The Grove

India Hicks is a former fashion model originally from the UK who now lives in The Bahamas and has FIVE kids!!  I have to give her credit, because I have two.  (I am pretty sure it feels like I have five haha.)  The Bahamas is one of my favorite places to visit, and my husband and I have ventured to Nassau twice.  There’s nothing I don’t like about blue waters, palm trees, and white sand.  India Hicks designed and launched a lifestyle brand centered around the beauty and simplicity of island life.  She included bags, jewelry, clothes, accessories, and of course her decadent beauty line.  Today I will review the India Hicks Hand Lotion (The Grove version).*  Just look at the pretty packaging!  Yes, please!!

India Hicks Hand Lotion Review pin

India Hicks Hand Lotion Review

India Hicks Hand Lotion: The Packaging

Let’s discuss the packaging.  When I first saw it, I was like hmmm… spiders??  But these shiny golden emblems are actually beetles, which India welcomes with open arms at her home in the Bahamas.  According to her, they bring happiness.  So now I really appreciate the packaging, and I won’t scream the next time I see a beetle that isn’t a ladybug.  And since I moisturize my hands so often, the pump is a major plus!  I don’t have to worry about squeezing a slippery tube and making a mess.  (Although, I would welcome a travel-sized tube for my purse!!)

India Hicks Hand Lotion Review

India Hicks Hand Lotion: The Scent

When India moved to The Bahamas, her husband planted a palm grove by their home, and she loved the array of scents she breathed in from this beautiful garden.  So she bottled the scent best she could in this “The Grove” version of her lotion.  It is so extremely refreshing without being overpowering, and it stays in my hands even after washing!  I have become addicted to the blend of fragrances, including sand, coconut, salty air, orange blossoms, and gardenia petals, that create this lotion’s unique scent.  But I have to admit that initially, I was a little confused by the scent because I had never smelled anything quite like it!  Now I really don’t know if I could ever live without it.

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India Hicks Hand Lotion Review- palm trees- the grove hand lotion


“This fragrance is reminiscent of our beloved palm grove, and combines orange blossoms, gardenia petals and a hint of toasted coconut.”
India Hicks-

India Hicks Hand Lotion: The Formula

This combination of Sweet Almond Oil + Shea and Cocoa Butters blends and absorbs more quickly than any other hand lotion or cream I have ever tried, which is an excellent feature for busy women!  This is especially true in this day and age when people are pretty much handling their iPhones every few minutes.  I have tried countless hand creams that took forever to absorb, so my phone (and everything else I touched) was also graced with the grease.  Because this dreamy blend is a lotion and not a cream, it’s less goopy and slippery.  And I think this is a brilliant quality that really allows the ingredients to sink in and do their job!

India Hicks Hand Lotion Review

In Conclusion

I am so glad I got my hands on this lotion!  I wash my hands a lot because I have little kids, and they can get really dry- especially during the winter!  But this India Hicks Hand Lotion (The Grove) definitely stands up to the elements and then some.  This scent is super addictive and welcome in the dead of January, and the packaging is so chic and functional.  All of these characteristics are perfect for the everyday girl, like me.

If you want to get this lotion on your hands as well, please purchase through this link, and feel free to browse the rest of the collection!  (I do not receive commission.)  Also, stay connected to the India Hicks collection by liking this  Facebook page.

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*Special thanks to Laurie Heckert for gifting me this lovely lotion to review and share with you.  All opinions are always 100% my own.

That’s what’s up in beauty today.  Have you ever heard of India Hicks?  Do let me know in the comments, as well as your current favorite hand lotion or cream!  If you like this post and want to see more, please subscribe to my blog!  Thanks for reading!

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  1. 1.30.17
    Claire Talks Beauty said:

    i have never tried this before but i love the packaging and the shiny golden emblems. i have a kid too and i wash my hands a lot so they are always extremely dry! this could work for me.

    • 1.30.17

      It totally does work better than others. I reach for it after every wash. Since it is absorbed lightning-fast, it doesn’t interfere with anything I have to do. I love it!! xo

  2. 1.31.17
    xoJenny said:

    Oh I love hearing about products I’ve never heard of before! I mean I’m practically sold just by the packaging. To be honest, I wasn’t even phased by the beetles since they were in gold *heart eyes* against the white, the color scheme A+, it just wreaks of luxury to me. But now I’m entirely sold with the shea and cocoa butter, that is my absolute favorite formula to use in regards to lotion. I’m sure I would just love this lotion!!

    xo, JJ

    • 1.31.17

      Oh Jenny, you have got to try it!! And I couldn’t put it better myself- it definitely wreaks luxury!!

    • 2.1.17
      Laurie Heckert said:

      Hello JJ!
      Please let me know if I can assist you with any of India Hicks products! You will love them!

  3. 1.31.17

    Isn’t it?? You cannot go wrong with it.

  4. 2.1.17
    Laurie Heckert said:

    Thank you, Jackie, for featuring the India Hicks Grove Lotion I sent. I will be happy to help your followers with any product related questions!

  5. 2.3.17
    Ana Bazquez said:

    Loved this!! The product itself is gorgeous looking but you did a great job on the review!

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