Currently Crazy About: Alex and Ani Bangles

People like to wear things on their wrists, and I am one of those people.  I feel like something is missing if I forget to wear a watch or bracelets or both.  I know Alex and Ani bangles are probably not new news to many of you, but I am pretty obsessed.  They keep making me buy them because they keep coming out with new ones!  I just can’t help myself, and it’s no secret to anyone close to me that I am currently crazy about Alex and Ani Bangles, so I am going to share my collection with you.  Are you into them, too?  Or are you into a different brand of bracelet?  Let me know! Alex and Ani Bangles-

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The company centers their products around positive energy:

  • The items are crafted in high-caliber American factories.
  • Each piece of jewelry carries meaningful positive symbols.
  • Each adornment encourages the wearer to focus on his or her own uniqueness by mixing and matching, thus creating one-of-a-kind combinations.
  • Bonus: Alex and Ani products are eco-conscious.

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I love the charm bracelets because there is basically a charm for every occasion, hobby, personality, etc, and they all have different meanings behind them.  The charm bangles are highly addictive, and they also make great gifts.  Plus, they come in either shiny gold or silver colors.  Some people like to stick with all one color, but it’s trendy right now to mix it up.  (That’s my preference!)  Alex and Ani Bangles- charms

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My very first Alex and Ani charm bangle of all time was my first initial.  I now have bracelets with my kids’ initials, my birthstone, their birthstone… I also have some inspirational charms such as the lotus flower, which symbolizes resilience, illumination, and beauty.  These are all qualities I wish to embody on a daily basis.Alex and Ani Bangles- charmsAlex and Ani BanglesI also love my charm that reads “Live a Happy Life”, which you can see above.  Call me crazy, but I really do just have a better day when I wear that particular bangle (and really any of the others in my collection).  It doesn’t hurt to have that little reminder to smile dangling from my wrist all day.  I am pretty positive I have so many voids to fill when it comes to the Alex and Ani charms, so I can’t wait to collect more.

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These beaded bangles are just so gorgeous.  I have never seen one I didn’t like!  I love to wear them all together or mix in some charms, but they look great individually, as well.Alex and Ani Bangles- beadedSome of the beaded beauties above are wrap-style.  Both styles are super comfortable and fit like a charm (or a bead? haha).  What’s nice about Alex and Ani bracelets is that they acclimate to your wrist and kind of mold themselves to fit.  I have tiny wrists, and I’ve never had a problem with the bracelets being too large.  Alex and Ani Bangles- layered

Alex and Ani Bangles- beaded 1

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I left this braided leather wrap by itself because it is so different than the others!  This beautiful pop of color is part of the vintage collection.  Also, the feather ring is Alex and Ani.  How cute is it?!  It looks like a tiny bangle!  It’s lovely, but it is a little big on my size 4 fingers.  I can get away with wearing it on my middle finger or my thumb.  I am actually loving thumb rings these days.  Alex and Ani Wrap Bracelet and Feather Ring

Keep in mind that Alex and Ani makes necklaces and earrings as well!  I don’t have any of those yet, but I hope to change that.

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That’s what’s up and what I am currently crazy about in the accessories world.  Do you collect these bracelets, too?  


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  1. 1.13.17

    Thanks! Aren’t they fun?! So addicting.

  2. 1.13.17

    I want to get a new J! I accidentally cleaned mine improperly, I think. I can still polish it, but I have to do it often. Thanks for reading!

  3. 1.13.17
    Claire Talks Beauty said:

    Oh i love these!

  4. 1.14.17

    Thanks! Haha yes I did a currently crazy about: makeup edition as well. It really lets you write about things you love! Xo

  5. 1.14.17

    Thank you! They keep outfits fun.

  6. 1.14.17
    remainingmeg said:

    LOVE Alex and Ani! I’ve been dying to get some of the beaded bangles, they’re so pretty. I love that many of their bangles benefit great causes. They also have great sales and free shipping periodically!

    • 1.14.17

      They do have great sales!! And they just opened up a store in DE, where there is no sales tax. It’s not far enough away, so I’m in trouble haha.

  7. 1.15.17

    Thanks! They are so fun and affordable!

  8. 1.18.17

    Oooh don’t you just love it?!

  9. 1.18.17
    xoJenny said:

    Oh yes I was on that bandwagon too. I was nearly obsessed with collecting and stacking as many of them possible! I started off buying all the silver ones and then realized i LOVE gold and so I switched over to all the gold ones. But slowly, I was wearing so many and literally allllll the time and everywhere that they started to break or tarnish- which Alex and Ani are really great with exchanging for new ones if they did happen but soon I just kind of gave them up. I kind of feel inspired to get one or two new ones and start rocking them again. My absolute favorite ones were the J (which I see you have too), the Boston one, and the Virgo one. They’re so great gift givers too!!!

    xo, JJ

    • 1.18.17

      Oh man that stinks that they fell apart on you! I haven’t had that issue, but I did accidentally clean my J with silver polish instead of the Alex and Ani cloth, and it doesn’t look so hot anymore. I didn’t realize it wasn’t silver! Also, I just got one of the rose gold Valentine’s stacks!

  10. 1.24.17

    Thank you. I cannot stop buying them. Have you seen their Valentine collection? Swoon! ??

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