Review: Baby Bat Beauty

I recently stumbled upon Baby Bat Beauty products at a local event and immediately gravitated toward the shimmering array of matte lip creams, highlighters, balms, and palettes.  When the owner told me a little about the products, the information she gave made these vibrant products sparkle even more!  Read on for my review of Baby Bat Beauty!

Baby Bat Beauty

What does Baby Bat Beauty Stand For?

Besides being colorful and unique, Baby Bat Beauty products are:

  • PETA certified cruelty-free
  • Paraben-free
  • Gluten-free
  • PETA certified vegan (This applies to most, not all, Baby Bat Beauty products.)

They offer a range of beauty products, including:

  • Dew Drops (Find my review below.)
  • Highlighters and Blush
  • Skin Palettes
  • Gel Eyeliners
  • False Eyelashes
  • Matte Lipsticks
  • Metallic Lip Creams (Find my review below.)
  • Lip Balms and Scrubs (Find my reviews below.)
  • Body Products such as Bath Bombs, Soaks, and Scrubs

Baby Bat Beauty Metallic Lip Cream Review

I decided to go with the Metallic Lip Cream because of its subtle sparkle (and because I am not really into mattes).   I chose two shades: Venus, which is a hot pink, and Meteor, which is a deep burgundy.  The burgundy is perfect for the winter, while the pink suits the warmer months.  But I must say I have been wearing the pink a LOT!  I love brightening up blah days with a hot pink shimmer on my lips.  (You’ll see me wearing the darker shade in my review of the Dew Drops.)

My thoughts and experience:

  • The lip cream is extremely pigmented.
  • The subtle sparkles really bring the color the extra mile.
  • A little goes a long way.
  • Subtle sweet scent.
  • The texture is creamy upon application.
  • The cream is very easy to spread over the lips.
  • Color lasts forever- almost like a lip stain!
  • Reapplication is needed every 2 hours or so to maintain creaminess.
  • It can be messy if you aren’t careful, but you can easily wipe away mistakes with a tissue.Baby Bat Beauty Metallic Lip Cream Swatches

    Metallic Lip Cream in Venus

Baby Bat Beauty Dew Drops Review

Until now, I had never used a liquid highlighter.  That has changed forever!  Either the Baby Bat Beauty Dew Drops are that amazing (and I think they are), or I have just been way off by skipping the liquids all these years.  I am pretty sure the Dew Drops are just phenomenal.  They brighten up cheekbones, temples, the bridge of the nose, and Cupid’s Bow.  I have the shade Golden Goddess.

My thoughts and experience:

  • Drops have the ideal amount of shimmer.  The sparkles are the perfect size for either night or day.
  • You can control the intensity by adjusting the amount, and as with the Metallic Lip Cream, a little goes a long way.
  • Blending is super easy with fingers or a small foundation brush.  I prefer the brush.
  • I don’t really utilize the dropper.  The excess product on the outside of the dropper is sufficient.
  • Shake well before using.
  • The packaging is slightly messy, and I did something to the lid because I can’t seem to screw it on properly, but this is a minor detail and wouldn’t deter me from purchasing in the future.Baby Bat Beauty Dew Drops Swatch
    Baby Bat Beauty Metallic Lip Cream in Meteor and Dew Drops
    Healthy glow! (On my lips: Metallic Lip Cream in Meteor)

    See the dew? (On my lips: Metallic Lip Cream in Venus)

Baby Bat Beauty Lip Balm and Sugar Scrub Reviews

Because winter was on the horizon, I felt I needed a good lip exfoliator.  What better scrub could you find than Baby Bat Beauty’s?  I chose the Cotton Candy version.

My thoughts and experience:

  • It is vegan and edible!  No need to wipe excess from your lips.
  • Tastes delicious.  Yes, please.
  • It efficiently removes dead skin.  And another user said she even uses it to take red wine stain off of he lips!
  • My lips feel smooth and revived after using.
  • I use it once a week.Baby Bat Beauty Lip Scrub

I received the Lip Balm in the event’s goody bag.  Goody is right!  I am a balm addict, so this little surprise was welcomed.  Balms live in every corner of the house, car, every purse…

My thoughts and experience:

  • It glides on effortlessly.
  • The moisture lasts just as well, if not better, than my favorite Burt’s Bees balms.
  • The version I have has a subtle orange creamsicle scent.
  • It’s perfect for applying directly after using the scrub or right before bed.Baby Bat Beauty Lip Balm

In conclusion

Baby Bat Beauty

Baby Bat Beauty products work amazingly.  And who doesn’t love knowing that they are cruelty-free??  They are affordable, too!  If you are interested in purchasing some items, head to Baby Bat Beauty and use code thatswhatsup at checkout to receive %15 off!

Which of these products are you most interested in?  Have you heard of Baby Bat Beauty before?  Do you make sure your beauty products are cruelty-free?

That’s whats up in beauty today.  Please leave your answers to the above questions in the comments!  Thanks for reading!

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  1. 12.30.16
    Lulu said:

    thanks for the review, i’m always looking for cruelty-free brands to try on

    • 12.30.16

      You’re welcome! This one is great. Sometimes I don’t easily know if my makeup is cruelty-free

      • 12.31.16
        Lulu said:

        I must admit it’s very hard to trust companies. A few years ago, L’Occitane and The body Shop who claimed to be cruelty free appeared they weren’t: the former was purchased by l’Oréal and the latter sold to China were testing on animal is required.

  2. 12.30.16
    everythingnothin said:

    Omgsh these sound amazing!!! That highlight is stunning!!! I am totally going to have to check this company out!!

    • 12.30.16

      They are amazing!! Totally check them out. They are super affordable and local to Philadelphia.

      • 12.30.16
        everythingnothin said:

        That is so awesome!!!

  3. 12.30.16
    Claire Talks Beauty said:

    i have never heard of this brand ! the products are really so cute !

  4. 12.31.16

    Sounds and looks like a good line, I mean “matte” after all is my favorite word when it comes to make up products! The shimmer on the highlighter literally looks like just like its name, “golden goddess” very bold and a gorgeous tone. I love the lip products though, esp Meteor. Both of them really make your lips look luscious and they stand out quite well! Good detailed review!!

    xo, JJ

  5. 12.31.16

    Definitely going to give these products a go, I love the they are cruelty free!

  6. 1.2.17

    I would love the Meteor lip cream! And the dropper is perfect, just the right amount of shimmer and glow!


    • 1.2.17

      I feel like the Meteor shade would look good on everyone! And the dropper is a great idea in theory, but it can be a little messy. Xo

  7. 3.28.17

    I met the maker- She makes them all herself in her own basement! And she’s young, too. So inspirational!

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