Holiday Décor Tour: Ways to Make Any Size Home Sparkle for Christmas

We used to live in a small apartment in the city, so we never put much effort into decorating for Christmas.  We got a tiny tree that sat on a table, and one year, we didn’t even get a tree.  Now that we live in a much more spacious home, I am having so much fun decorating for the holidays.  However, I have learned that most of my décor choices could work in a home of any size!  I missed out on holiday ambiance in the past for no reason at all!  That’s why I am giving you a holiday décor tour of my home.  Read on for ways to make any size home sparkle for Christmas!  You can pick and choose options that correspond best with your home.  If you live in a small apartment, do you go all out with the decorations, or do you keep them minimal?

Holiday Decor Tour- pin

For the tables

Everyone has some form of a table in their house.  Whether it is a counter, an island, and end table, etc., there is some sort of table.  When we lived in the city, for quite some time, we did not have a dining or coffee table.  We had a small kitchen island that we used for all of our meals, but we still could have dressed it up for the holidays!  Plus, we had an entertainment console.  I did scatter a few small Christmas items on it, but for some reason, I never went all out.  Maybe I thought it was no use decorating a small space??   Whatever I thought, I was wrong, and I missed out on some serious ambiance.  I love holiday décor!


Holiday Decor Tour- bowlIn fact, this bowl full of sparkly fruit and spheres is currently sitting in our formal living room and on the actual coffee table we had in our place in the city!  Why didn’t I have this bowl in the city?  Maybe I was just afraid of not having a place to store all of the decorations in a home of such small size?  My wardrobe took up most of the storage space. Ha!Holiday Decor Tour- dining table

Holiday Decor Tour- dining table 1

Above is my formal dining table.  I have had the same runners on it since the fall (If you missed my Fall Décor Tour, you can catch it here!), but the sparkles make it suitable for Christmas, as well.  Top it with a faux poinsettia arrangement (I have a cat, and I have read that real poinsettias can be toxic to cats.), and fill some bowls with Christmas-colored tree bulbs, and you don’t even miss a red and green runner.

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Holiday Decor Tour- card display

An accent table or desk is the perfect place to display Christmas cards!  Ledges and shelves work for that as well.  If you have the room, mix in a candle, flowers, or other knickknacks.  I got the window shutter-style card holder at Kohl’s!  Find it here!  You can also hang it on a wall or door if that works better for the amount of space you have.

*BONUS:  You can leave things like snowmen, plain trees like the one above, candles, pinecones, and anything that isn’t specific to Christmas out all winter long!  Keep that in mind while doing your shopping.

Holiday Decor Tour

Christmas photography backdrops

How nice is it to have a cinnamon spice candle warming your home on Christmas?  That scent, paired with the scent of a real tree, has got to be one of the coziest aromas ever!  How cute is this cinnamon candle in the mug?  Yes, it came that way, and I chose red so that it would really pop.  I scattered some mini pinecones and fake snow in a canister-style votive and placed the mug inside to take it up a notch.  I have it on my kitchen table, but you could also place it in a bathroom if you have the space for it.  Just be sure to be safe while it is lit… Don’t put your kids or pets in danger.  Oh, and window clings are always fun for the kids! (Side note:  Check out the icicles on the trees.  My photo-taking day was right on!)

Holiday Decor Tour- bathroom

Doesn’t this cute little plant look real?  It’s not actually on a table, though.  It is on top of the powder room toilet.  Decorate your toilets! Haha.  I also set some wrapped soaps beside it.  They look like little presents!  Wrapped or boxed soaps are perfect and simple holiday décor items.  Plus, they make great gifts!

holiday decor tour- merry

And of course… a marquee light.  I have many of these.  I am kind of obsessed with word signs in general.  This merry sign sits on my countertop.  It doesn’t take up much space.  I actually think it is smaller than it looks in the photo.  It runs on batteries and has a timer, which is a key component of holiday décor so that you don’t have long journey of turning off lights when all you want to do is just crawl into bed!

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holiday decor tour- pinterest

Vases and fillers

Clear vases are a great way to show off holiday décor.  But when I set the copper wire lights and glittery bells inside of these glass urns, I decided I would probably leave them in year round.  I love when I can leave holiday décor out all year and not tire of it.  And I am kind obsessing over these copper twine lights, which also have a timer on them.  If I am not careful, I will end up with them all over my house!  There are so many uses for them and places you can put them- they are fit for any house.

Holiday Decor Tour- console tableI picked up these trees at Homegoods.  They are more specific to Christmas, so I probably won’t leave them out all year, although I could probably get away with leaving the beaded one out.  There is something so attractive about decorative trees.  I suppose it has to do with bringing the outdoors in.

Shop some of these items below!

The Mantels

Mantels are really fun because you can decorate them year round, and they are the focal point of the room.  I didn’t get too crazy with them this year.  Always add garland to them for the holidays.  Lit or not, garland adds an element of cozy.  (For some reason, I forgot to plug in the formal mantel’s garland for the photo, but it still looks great because there is a sparkling tree and other lit items in the same room.)  No mantel?  No worries!  You can place garland on any long, flat surface- console table, entertainment console, shelf- you name it!

christmas backdrops

Christmas photography backdrops

Shop the mantel décor below!

Odds and Ends

Holiday Decor Tour- gift boxes

I picked up an array of Christmasy gift boxes a few years back at Michaels.  They double as holiday décor!  I have them piled up here above my stove and in various crevices of the house.  They are small and don’t take up much space, so you really can use them as décor in any size home.

Holiday Decor Tour- reindeerHoliday Decor Tour- bench

Did I mention I love signs?  Here are a couple of them from Homegoods that I grabbed in the fall.  Unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance to get to that store during December.  I would have loved to have browsed (and purchased) new holiday knickknacks.


That’s what’s up in holiday décor for any size home  Where do you like to shop for your holiday décor?  If you live in a small apartment, do you still decorate?  Let’s get the discussion going!  Share your favorite décor item!Want to collaborate?  Email me! thatswhatsupblogger@gmail.comLet’s connect on social media:

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  1. 12.22.16
    Claire Talks Beauty said:

    how beautiful ! i love your ideas !

  2. 12.22.16
    bexoxo said:

    I used to work at Pier 1, but I was living in an apartment with a roommate who didn’t let me decorate :(. Once I moved in to my own apartment, the only decorating I did was setting up a Charlie Brown Christmas tree… you know, the one with the single red bulb… I go to my parents’ house for the holidays, so I don’t feel the need to go all out in decorating, but you have some great ideas! One of my favorites to suggest to customers when they said they had little to no space was throw pillows and blankets. You can use them in the living and bed rooms and they don’t really need to be super extravagant, Even mixing red and green together will give you more of a festive look/feeling. As for candle tricks… if you get one that smells like vanilla and burn it in a bowl with coffee beans, your house will start to smell like a vanilla latte. Sooooo goooood!

    • 12.22.16

      Oooh I love the sounds of that candle trick! I’ll have to try it. Also, we used to travel a lot over the holidays, too, which could be one of the reasons I didn’t decorate much. And I had some images I was going to share of my pillows, but I didn’t include them. But yes, pillows and blankets are a must! You just reminded me to get out my snowflake blanket ❤️

      • 12.22.16
        bexoxo said:

        Haha. Happy to help! 🙂

  3. 12.22.16
    everythingnothin said:

    I love this post!!! These are great tips love!! I totally can’t wait to create some of them!! Your home is gorgeous!

  4. 12.22.16

    Your house looks beautiful! Love the little personal touches! Funny, cause I just posted a home tour as well! 🙂

  5. 12.22.16
    abim0ss said:

    I love the sparkly fruit in the bowls idea! Makes everything look so festive! X

  6. 12.27.16

    Wonderful post 🙂 🙂 I love your decor, so pretty x x

  7. 12.28.16

    You really have such a beautiful home!!! Everything is placed so perfectly and all the decor items are so lovely!!! I think the fire places are my absolute favorite, I always dream of having one with a mantle so that I can hang stocking from them like you did. I just love that look! But you’re so right decorating can be done in any size place; I felt the same way as you because currently I live in an apartment and so I was just mehh about decorating, but my mom goes, “well, it’s actually easier for you, less space you have to cover and less things you actually have to spend money on to decorate” LOL Next year I’m definitely going to go all out!

    xo, JJ

    • 12.29.16

      Thank you so much, Jenny! Yes, definitely decorate- don’t hold back like I did. Plus, like you said, you’ll need less stuff to go “all out,” but your spaced will still look decked! Go ahead and deck the halls haha

  8. 12.29.16
    Zubaida said:

    Such an amazing ideas, loved the decor of your home.

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