Fall/Winter Marshall’s Fashion Haul + Money-Saving Tips

I really thoroughly enjoy when stores begin to display their fall inventory.  Fall clothes are just so fun.  You can create some seriously interesting outfits with light layers before you have to bust out your parkas and live covered up for 3 months.  And don’t get me wrong, I LOVE summer (and hate the cold), but by the end of August, I am sick of my summer wardrobe.  Time to start a new outfit rotation!  All of this means that I could have the tendency to go overboard on the shopping front, but because of places like Marshall’s, I can go overboard without taking my wallet with me.  Check out my fall/winter Marshall’s fashion haul!

fall/winter marshalls fashion haul

I love Marshall's.

In places like Marshall’s, the really good items have a short shelf-life, so you kind of have to hit it just right.  I got lucky this time!  You’ll have to let me know if you think I did, too.  I have provided links for you to shop similar items of similar prices below each set of photos.  Plus, find another money-saving tip towards the end of this post!

Fun with Fringe

First off, I have wanted a fringe bag for the past couple of months, but because it is a trendy item, I wasn’t looking to spend a ton.  But at the same time, I wanted a nice, quality bag.  This one by Margot is genuine leather.  Its cute, it’s the perfect size, and it has pockets inside for your phone and such.  Plus, it has a zipper closure, which is smart, because it is sort of a floppy bag, and if it had a snap enclosure, you might be subject to vanishing goods (so not good).  Best part about this?  It was on clearance!  Marshall’s estimated that it’s original price was $158, and I paid $59.  I’ll explain later why the original price was probably higher than $158.  

fall/winter marshalls fashion haul- margot fringe bag

Margot Genuine Leather Fringe Bag from Marshall's
Totally already used the bag as of original press time…
Margot Genuine Leather Fringe Bag Back
Now that I think of it…my shorts and my top are also from Marshall’s.  Top- Chaser Brand. Shorts- Free People. Scarf- from Anthropologie. Shoes- Roxy

SHOP:  similar-looking bag from Aldo

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Free People Finds

Next up is my Free People portion of the haul.  I LOVE finding Free People at Marshall’s. The pieces are like half of their original prices, and if they are of timeless style, who cares if they are from last season?!

This extra long cardigan duster provides so many outfit possibilities.  It is one of those items that you see on the rack and have to think about it for a minute.  It definitely wasn’t love at first sight.  But once I put it on, I was totally digging it and was already imagining countless fall outfit combinations.

fall marshalls fashion haul- free people cardigan

SHOP: Here is a Free People Shaggy Duster Cardigan on the Lord and Taylor site.  It isn’t the same as mine, and it’s not on sale, but Lord and Taylor has a Labor Day promo code for 20% regular-priced items.

I am pretty sure I will have this hooded black cardigan-wrap forever.  And it is sooo cozy and soft!  It’s no wonder I got the last one in the store!  Exhilarating.

Free People Black Hooded Wrap from Marshall's

Free People Black Hooded Wrap from Marshall's

SHOP: I found a (sort of) look-alike on the Free People site.


Thread and Supply

Lastly, I got this olive-colored button down shirt.  The possibilities are limitless, and I believe everyone needs an army-inspired button-down top in their wardrobe.  This one is extremely soft, and I love the gold-toned details.  And similar tops from this brand are originally upwards of $50!

Thread and Supply Olive Button Down from Marshall'sThread and Supply Olive Button Down from Marshall's

SHOP: BP Slouchy Button Front Shirt- on sale at Nordstrom – 2 sizes left

Lily Aldridge for Velvet by Graham and Spencer Army Jacket

money-saving tips

Discount me, please!

Don’t forget to shop through ebates.com when purchasing items online to save even more money.  Ebates also has an in-store cash back option as well.  Not familiar with Ebates?  Find out more in How I Save Money Shopping Online.  Also, check the RetailMeNot website or app for discount options.  You can find discounts for shopping online or in store.

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You may be saving more than you think at Marshall's

You may have noticed that Marshall’s provides a low-end estimates of the original prices, and not all items have their original tags on them.  But when they do, the original price is always higher than the estimated amount provided on the Marshall’s tag.  Why don’t stores like Marshall’s and TJ Maxx disclose the actual original prices?  Here are my thoughts:

  • The prices on the original tags do not take into consideration any sales or deals the initial retailers may have provided.
  • It would be unethical for Marshall’s to lead consumers to believe that they were getting a better deal than they actually were.  That could potentially drive their sales.

That’s what’s up in bargain shopping today.  I hope you guys have as good of luck bargain shopping for fall items as I did!  Which is your favorite item??  Please let me know!

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22 thoughts on “Fall/Winter Marshall’s Fashion Haul + Money-Saving Tips

  1. OMG I love this post. Thank you so much for sharing for ways to save when shopping. I love Marshalls as well. My go to store! Thank you for sharing :).

  2. Marshalls holds a hugeeee spot in my heart right next to TJ Maxx and Home Goods lol these are SUCH good finds, i love how you find almost identical clothing items for half the price literally night and day on the prices its unreal! This post was totally a subliminal message to go hit up the TJX stores bc I undyingly have the sudden urge to go shoping now lol

    xo, JJ

    1. Haha I was going in there so frequently (and TJ Maxx because I conveniently live 10 min from each lol). I love Free People, but last year, I paid mostly full price for one of their items at a department store, and literally 2 days later I was in TJ Maxx and it was THERE.

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