Fall Décor Tour: Simple Ideas for Cozying Up Your Home

Fall is my favorite decorating season.  I love the cozy colors!  Don’t get me wrong, I love decorating for Christmas, too.  But Christmas decorations are so temporary.  You can leave most fall décor out for a longer period of time (usually from mid-September until the end of November), so you don’t feel like you spent all of this energy decorating only to tear it down two weeks later.  Need some autumn ambiance inspiration?  Take a fall décor tour of my home.  Let’s get started!fall decor tour

Fall Décor Tour: The Mantels

It’s really easy to add fall décor to homes that have a neutral color palette.  You really have no limits if that’s the case…You can buy all the orange knickknacks you want! fall decor tour

fall decor tour

fall decor tour

fall decor tourI kept it pretty simple by adding:

  • leaf garland (The last photo’s garland also has berries, lights, and pumpkins.)
  • mini pumpkins
  • autumn-inspired potpourri
  • word signs (I am obsessed.  I cannot stop buying word décor!)
  • fall-colored vase filler to vases and bowls that are out all year long.  I got mine at HomeGoods, which doesn’t allow you to purchase online, but I’ve linked some others for you:

Michael’sWalmart, Kohls

Fall Décor Tour: Tables

fall decor tour

This is my main foyer console table, which is the perfect decoration destination.

I purchased the recycled glass pumpkin on the far right a few years back on clearance at Pottery Barn.  They still have similar ones available!  Pumpkins are my favorite fall décor because they are cute and can stay out for months.  The clear glass pumpkin is another Homegoods find, and the velvet pumpkins are a splurge from Terrain.  I can’t go into Terrain too often because I want to buy everything in there, but if you haven’t checked it out yet, you really should.  It’s owned by Anthropologie.  Need I say more?

I also filled a turkey bowl from TJ Maxx (Can you tell I basically live in discount stores?) with artificial leaves to add a little color.  During the month of October, I had a “trick or treat” dish in it’s place.


Here is another table that’s actually a desk, but I use it as a home for décor.  You see some more velvet pumpkins, more word décor (I can’t be the only one…) from HomeGoods, and pilgrim turkeys from TJ Maxx.  fall decor tour

This is our Bubinga wood dining table.  It is so beautiful by itself that I didn’t get too crazy decorating it, but yep, more velvet pumpkins and layered table runners from Target.  Find them here and here.

Fall Décor Tour: Benches, Stools, and Accent Tables

fall decor tour

Yep, fall is pretty much everywhere you look in my main living space.  Here are some more knickknacks!

fall decor tour

This is an antique church pew from Minnesota.  My husband’s great great grandfather actually built the church and the pews.  How cool is that???  I have it in the foyer with the console table.

I purchased the wicker pumpkin from Pottery Barn on clearance along with the recycled glass pumpkin you saw above.  The tree painting is by a local artist, and the exposed-pages classic books add a rustic element.

Scarecrow birdhouse and yet another pumpkin
fall decor tour
Faux wheat bundle from HomeGoods, LED candle
fall decor tour
Clock from Homegoods and plush pumpkin stack from a drugstore. You never know where you’ll end up purchasing décor!


Fall Décor Tour: More Odds and Ends

Sunflowers are so pretty, and they are the perfect fall flower.  I’ve got faux sunflowers in a few different spaces, but here is my favorite …

fall decor tour

Lights really cozy everything up, don’t they?  I added sunflowers artificial sunflowers to this LED filler.  I actually wish I had bought two of them, but hey, that’s an easy fix.  Ha!

fall decor tour
Potpourri and decorative soaps in bathrooms
fall decor tour
Centerpieces are a must, and glitter always makes it more fun!

fall decor tour

That’s what’s up and in my home today.  I hope you enjoyed little this fall décor tour.  How do you cozy up your home for the cooler weather?  Where is your favorite place to shop for fall décor?  Comment and let me know!

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  1. 11.14.16

    Omg, your home is amazing! Love it <3

  2. 11.15.16

    Everything looks so cozy and cute! Love the details 🙂


  3. 11.16.16
    nogynyan said:

    So pretty, love the decoration! 🙂

  4. 11.17.16
    Nyxloves said:

    Your house is so beautiful! I loved pilgrim turkeys and would like to bring them too. Great post!

  5. 11.18.16

    Jackie I have total heart eyes over your dining table, its so unique (or at least I’ve never seen one like that!) where do you find that!? Everything is placed perfectly in your home, job well done. I also especially like the “HOME” above your… sink? stove? I think you need to do a whole house tour one day!

    xo, JJ

    • 11.18.16

      Hi Jenny! Thanks for the love! I had fun decorating, but definitely will do a little more next year. So we purchased the piece of wood for the dining table and had a guy make it into a table for us. I’m not sure where we got the wood. I have to ask my husband! It’s SUPER heavy. The wood is called Bubinga, which I think is from Africa!!
      The Home sign is above the stove, and it was super cheap at Boscov’s two years ago. Or 1 year. I don’t remember lol. It’s 4 separate pieces.
      Once I get everything situated in the house, I’ll do more room tours. We still need more furniture!! Thanks again, Jenny.

      • 11.21.16

        Getting all the furniture is definitely the tough part. I luckily don’t have a whole house (yet…but I wish) to decorate so I can’t imagine the process of furnishing an entire house.

  6. 11.23.16

    I really love these ideas ! It’s inspiring me to change some things around in my house !

    • 11.29.16

      Thanks! They are simple ideas with big impact I think. Although now, it is all replaced with Christmas decorations. I shudder when thinking of taking it all down lol.

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