Holistic Ways to Care for Yourself When You Have a Cold

Colds can literally knock you to the floor.  Some of them are wretched little you-know-whats.  I don’t know how the common cold can make you feel so horrible, but it really can.  I literally cried in my soup the other day because I felt so awful.  As I treated myself in an effort to lessen my symptoms and shorten the duration of the nasty little thing, I decided to share with you holistic ways to care for yourself when you have a cold.  Note:  These are just some remedies that I personally find helpful, but I am by no means a doctor or scientist.  What are some holistic ways you care for yourself when you have a cold?

holistic ways to care for yourself when you have a cold

Say Yay for OJ

This is my number one holistic remedy when I have a cold.  Drinking orange juice makes me feel like I am in the Bahamas, so it is super easy for me to drink a couple of glasses a day.  I really do think this natural source of Vitamin C is more holistic and productive than swallowing it in pill form.  Plus, it is good for you every day of your life, not just when you are feeling sick.  If you don’t like orange juice, eat an orange, or try these other Vitamin C-packed foods.

holistic ways to care for yourself when you have a cold

No joke, when I care for a cold by drinking orange juice, I feel like it slashes the cold’s disgustingness in half.  It at least cuts the duration of the disgustingness in half!    Sunday morning, I woke up feeling off, and all day Monday I was struggling through life.  (Toddlers don’t understand when you don’t feel well, so it was extremely brutal!)  I chugged that OJ (and practiced the following remedies), and felt 200 times better on Tuesday.

Take a long, hot bath

As soon as my husband could get home from work on Monday, I marched crawled up to the master tub and drew a hot bath.  Baths are something I like to enjoy on a regular basis, but I never get to enjoy them as often as I’d like.  I love just relaxing and not being able to do much except just sit there.  It’s great for reflecting and rebuilding my mind.  And the feeling of being wrapped up in a warm blanket is priceless.  Find the right bubble bath, and you’ve got a spa in your own home.  The smell of eucalyptus mixed with mint is really relaxing, so I use Aromatherapy Luxury Bath from Bath and Body Works.  holistic ways to care for yourself when you have a coldThat particular bath was the best and most necessary bath I have ever taken.  I had been cold all afternoon, and it was like a giant warm hug.  Plus, it relaxed my aching muscles.  While on a normal day I am obsessed with the scent of this bubble bath, my olfactory senses during the cold didn’t allow me to fully experience the delicious eucalyptus spearmint scent.  But the moisture from the bath definitely helped me breathe better.  Next time you have a cold, head for the tub!

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Treat your muscles

I have sore muscles on a daily basis due to scoliosis, but my pain is pronounced when I’m sick.  I feel like I literally have something invading my muscles when I’ve come down with a bug.  Since I have chronic pain, I always have this Norwex Timeless Rescue Gel on hand.   It really soothes my muscles and reduces tension, especially in the neck and shoulder area.  Plus, it has a lavender scent, which is ultra-calming.  It’s a great way to lock in the soothing benefits of the bath or just relax before bed.  Holistic care at its finest!

The unique roller-ball application supplies a synergistic blend of natural and organic aromatic botanicals that work together to provide a mind-relaxing formula with a tingling sensation that promotes relaxation and a sense of calm.

holistic ways to care for yourself when you have a cold

Treat yourself to your favorite hot drink at Starbucks

Starbucks…or your other favorite coffee shop.  I don’t usually get the chance to stop at Starbucks, and I don’t usually drink tea.  But my throat was really bothering me, and a hot specialty drink is so comforting.  I am the farthest thing from a tea aficionado, but I know that some teas provide lots of health benefits such as antioxidants and immunity boosters.holistic ways to care for yourself when you have a cold

I went for a black tea latte, mainly because I know black tea has minimal caffeine, which I read can make a cold worse.  (Not sure if that is actually the case, but I didn’t want to take a chance.)  The only bad thing about doing this while you have a cold is that you can hardly taste it!

Soup it up

holistic ways to care for yourself when you have a coldGood, old-fashioned chicken soup is good for the soul and the body any time, but especially when you have a cold.   If you can make it homemade, that is probably best, in order to dodge the preservatives and extra sodium.  But if you really aren’t feeling up for gourmet cooking, reach for the canned soup, and check to make sure it has reduced or low sodium.  That’s what I do, and it makes me feel better.  The warmness is comforting (which is sometimes I all need when I am sick), and chicken broth has lots of nutritious minerals that could possibly help you feel better.  Plus, it aids in hydration.  For a better explanation of why chicken soup may really help a cold, check out this interesting article from ABC News.

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Try to rest

Try to rest, even if you have to head to work or take care of the kids all day (brutal).  Even if you rest for only a few minutes at a time, it will help.  Fight the urge to stay up late to watch a show or browse social media (Cough, cough…I need to take my own advice).   And just know that you will most likely feel a little better tomorrow.

That’s what’s up in cold care today.  These remedies are holistic enough to practice in your everyday life, and might even prevent you from coming down with a bug in the future.  Even if they don’t, these tips are all pretty enjoyable, so it can’t hurt to try!  If you’re looking for other ways to holistically boost your health, check out this wellness event for more tips you can apply to your life on a daily basis.  What are some holistic ways you care for yourself when you have a cold?  Please comment!

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  1. 11.10.16

    Thank you!! Colds are nasty little buggers. Thanks for reading, Sherri!

  2. 11.10.16

    Thanks, Alifya!

  3. 11.13.16
    everythingnothin said:

    I love these tips girl!! Totally saving this post for when I get a cold haha!

    • 11.13.16

      Thanks! Even if they don’t work clinically, at least it’s a good list of placebos, right? lol!

      • 11.13.16
        everythingnothin said:

        Exactly hehe!!

  4. 11.13.16

    Thank you! I’ll have to invest in some hot chocolate, too!

  5. 11.14.16
    lovejennyxo said:

    I feel like you’re reading my mind, you always seem to make a post that perfectly aligns to my present lifestyle. This weekend I was definitely feeling a cold coming on and obviously I resorted the quick fix of “dayquil/nyquil” but rest assured I used your advice from this post and had soup, a hot drink from Starbs, and plenty of rest. Needless to sat I definitely think I conquored it before it got worse!

    xo, JJ

    • 11.14.16

      I am so glad you enjoy my posts and that these tips worked! I feel like they all lessened the severity of my symptoms, but a week later, I still feel stuffy. It’s like I cant get rid of the darn thing! Time for another bubble bath. lol xoxo

      • 11.15.16
        lovejennyxo said:

        Its one of those things where you just have to do all those things and then repeat over and over again such as “rinse lather repeat!” ha but same mine comes and goes nevertheless still lingering. I’m trying to drink Emergen-C, take vitamin C pills, and drink a lot of OJ. hoping to kick this thing to curb sooner than later! Wishing you well and good health! xo

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