Learn How to Be More Creative by Taking a Wellness Retreat

Taking time for yourself and focusing on wellness is something many people struggle with. Doesn’t it seem like there is always an infinite to-do list looming over your head that squashes any time to breathe or exercise?  When my Apple Watch’s periodical “Take a minute to breathe” alert chimes away on my wrist, I yell at it that I don’t have time to breathe.  (Giggle if you want, but it’s true!)  But it is so important to take time to breathe in order to keep wellness and positivity in check.

learn how to be more creative by focusing on wellness

How can you make wellness a priority?

When you focus on wellness, you are better able to channel creativity and be successful in the workplace and at home.   If you are having trouble taking the time to care for your wellness, try putting yourself in an environment where focusing on wellness is the only option.  The Positivity Charge, a wellness retreat in Philadelphia, PA, is an event dedicated to giving you this option.

The experts at this wellness retreat will teach you how to incorporate wellness practices into your life.  They want you to leave the event with the tools you need in order to make wellness and positivity a priority in your life and be the most successful, creative version of yourself.Learn How to Be More Creative by Taking a Wellness Retreat- The Positivity Charge

How will The Positivity Charge help you focus on wellness?

Cofounders Dr. Rubina Tahir and Parisha Smith want people to rebuild their minds and bodies and embrace positivity.  Dr. Tahir is a Board Certified Chiropractor and host of the RX segment of My New Philly, a Philadelphia news show.  Parisha Smith is the food producer for My New Philly.  (Learn more about their work on the news show here.)  

“Whether you’re a mom/dad, student, small business owner, in career transition, a trendsetter or a corporate leader, the positivity charge is designed to elevate your inner BOSS. The carefully designed workshops, led by prominent Philadelphia figures, are crafted to spark insight and re-activate your mind, so that you can continue to make progress in all areas of your life.  Adding positivity is just the fuel you need to re-charge. “

The Positivity Charge will focus on teaching attendees ways to build the mind-body connection, find foods that fuel, and make your body work for you.

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Here are the activities you will experience at The Positivity Charge:

  • Yoga:

Do you (like me) have the failed aspiration of practicing yoga on a regular basis?  Early in the event, you will practice some yoga to foster positive mindfulness.  Become flexible in both mind and body to get those creative juices flowing.  Learn how to incorporate yoga into your routine so that your creativity and positivity never wanes.

*Be sure to bring your own mat.

Learn How to Be More Creative by Taking a Wellness Retreat-The Positivity Charge

  • Keynote Speakers:

Pax Tandon, an Ivy League-trained positive psychology expert, will teach you how you can flourish when you become in touch with your strengths and virtues.

Terri Matthews is a highly successful entrepreneur and CEO of Jaden’s Voice, which brings awareness of autism and improves the lives of individuals and families who have been impacted by autism.

Learn How to Be More Creative by Taking a Wellness Retreat-the positivity chargeSample some smoothies!  Jennifer Lensya, a weight loss and lifestyle coach, will demonstrate how to make 3 delicious smoothies.  Find her healthy recipes, weight loss tips, and more at  coachingbyjennifer.com.


  • Workshops- Choose 1 of the following:
  1. Build the mind-body connection.  PR guru Jen Sherlock of Jenna Communications provides an interactive session on how creativity can unleash positivity.  Under her guidance, create a vision board with props.
  2. Find foods that fuel.  Food producer Parisha Smith discusses her latest e-book, “The Contentment Strategy” while sharing quick healthy snack recipes. Snack ingredients will be provided.learn how to be more creative by focusing on wellness
  3. Make your body work for you.  Dr. Tahir helps to identify risk factors of poor posture and will do an interactive demo of power posing. Power poses can be used to improve health and business outcomes.
  • Healthy Lunch

Lunch will be provided by Snap Kitchen.  Snap Kitchen is a healthy meal shop with fresh, nutritious grab-and-go meals are made daily from scratch, down to the sauces.  Snap also caters to any diet need.  Yum!!

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the positivity charge

What are you waiting for?

learn how to be more creative b

The Positivity Charge wellness retreat will bring together individuals who want the opportunity to cultivate healthier lifestyles.  Take home the tools to become healthier and unleash your inner creativity and positivity.  Get your tickets here!

That’s what’s up in lifestyle revelations today. Have you attended a wellness retreat before?  How could this retreat help you??  I would love to hear your comments!  Please feel free to share this post.

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