How to Transition Summer Outfits into Fall

Since we are officially into fall, I am sharing my ideas on how to transition summer outfits into fall.  We all have summer items we are in love with and want to get more wear out of.  Wearing summer items into fall keeps outfits interesting and saves money!

I don’t go too over the top with the bohemian elements, but my style is far from preppy. These outfits reflect a moderate boho style.  Below each group of photos, you can read details on each summer outfit and ideas for transitioning the outfits into fall.  Please let me know in the comments which theoretical fall outfit is your favorite.


In the above outfit, I paired camo-green shorts with a rose-colored top.  I love the green shade of the shorts against the dessert rose top.  It’s a refreshing color palette.  The cut of the top, with the very long back, totally balances out the short shorts.  Also, I love that this tank is a “muscle tank” but super girly.  It’s designed by a brand called Amuse Society, and you can shop it here.  It comes in 4 different colors and has a lace strip running vertically down the back.  Add some simple flip flops and a long necklace, and you’ve got boho!

To transition into fall:

  • Cover up with a denim jacket or light leather bomber jacket to add texture and dimension.
  • Swap the shorts for camo-green skinnies (or wear the shorts if it’s still warm).
  • Camel booties or Converse would work here.

This outfit features my favorite shorts of all time, which are made by one of my favorite brands, Free People. You can read more about this very affordable outfit here.

To transition into fall:

  • Keep the shorts!!  I love shorts in the fall, especially distressed ones.  (I think this is because fall ambiance is so rustic.)
  • Add a knit scarf.
  • Cover up with either a green camo jacket or an extra long cardigan (Blush would be a great color.)
  • If your feet can tolerate the temp, Birkenstocks would be perfect.


The lace and ruffle of this dress make it romantic, so I wore it on a dinner date.  You can read more about the dress here.

To transition into fall:

  • Leggings and leg warmers are your best chilly-weather friends.
  • Trade sandal wedges for wedge boots or wedge ankle boots.
  • Cover up with a camo-green jacket or blazer.
  • A chunky, knit scarf would add coziness.
  • Use a large, slouchy brown leather bag like this one.


The tank and shorts here came from TARGET!!  They are by Xhilaration, and you can purchase them here. There was a matching top, but I decided to purchase this Merona Favorite Tank from Target instead.  I love the plain black with the shorts, and the tank fits like a glove! The bag is made by Volcom, and it was a surf shop find a few years back.  You can purchase a similar one by Roxy here…and it’s on sale!

To transition into fall:

Add black leggings under the shorts.

  • Cover up with a long, flowy cardigan.
  • Add knee-high, brown boots (flats or very low heel).
  • Use a darker colored bag, such as brown leather, to complement the boots.

Using various clothing pieces across the seasons saves money and mixing different textures is great for transitioning into fall I cannot wait to put these outfits together and show you how my theories came to life!

That’s what’s up in savvy fall style today.  Which of these outfit ideas is your favorite for transitioning from summer to fall?




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  1. 9.28.16
    Karen said:

    Awesome looks!

  2. 9.30.16

    Love these ideas! I wish we got more autumn weather in southern California, I would love to try out that lace dress with a camo green jacket! Too cute<3

  3. 10.2.16
    Elley said:

    I love the white lace top and dress! So adorable!!

  4. 10.2.16
    Amy said:

    Beautiful shots, the last look is my fav 🙂

    • 10.2.16

      Thank you so much for reading! Thank you! It’s such an affordable outfit. Not sure if you have Target where you are.

  5. 10.2.16

    Thank you! The dress is one of my faves.

  6. 10.2.16

    Love the Target skirt, so pretty x

  7. 10.2.16

    Lovely outfits! 🙂

  8. 10.2.16

    Thanks!! Glad you enjoyed.

  9. 10.4.16

    Great looks and awesome advices. I don’t do fall or spring, I go from winter to summer, haha =P Either I am wearing shorts and tank tops or I go full covered with a sweater and boots. I am usually cold, so when it is colder, it’s already winter for me 😉
    Xoxo, A.

    • 10.4.16

      That’s interesting that you say that because I always want to jump to the winter wardrobe the minute its not summer. I think it’s because our bodies get so used to the hot that we think we need wool sweaters the moment it’s below 65 haha! Thanks for reading. I’ll get you back!

  10. 10.7.16
    Nyxloves said:

    Gorgeous outfits and looks. It is always sunny in Dubai and shorts are my best friend…great post!

    • 10.7.16

      Thank you!! I do miss shorts when summer is over. They are just the most functional clothing, next to t shirts and leggings haha. I cannot wait to show you how my fall theories pan out. xoxo

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