Chic Organization Ideas for Everyday Makeup and Beauty Items

Sure, a lot of us dream of or even have a full vanity with lights, a huge mirror…the whole nine yards.  But we rarely have the time to sit down surrounded by a wide array of makeup and beauty items and craft the intricate makeup look we envisioned for the day.  If you are like me, you wake up at the last possible minute, making your “work of art” routine virtually impossible.  You rummage through a disorganized bottomless pit of a makeup bag in the bathroom, wasting precious moments searching for the blush you wear every single day.  And where’s the brush?  Soon you are later than ever and can’t find a bobby pin to save your life.

To combat this mess of a morning (Who needs to start their day with that kind of panic?), I organize my everyday makeup and beauty items- the items I reach for the most- in chic, easy to access storage containers.   I do have a vanity, but since I don’t get many opportunities to have a hardcore makeup session, I store the items that I don’t use on a regular basis- like seasonal makeup colors and smokey eye palettes- on the vanity.  Have a look at how I store items in this chic organizer from Marshall’s/Homegoods.  I chose this one because the items can easily stand upright in 7 separate compartments and are easy to see and grab. (Since you can’t shop Marshall’s online, here is a smaller organizer by the same brand, Umbra.)ChicMakeupStorageLabeled

  1. BB cream, under eye concealer, and a highlighter stick
  2. Various brushes
  3. Foundation, a tiny brush, and cream blush stick
  4. Eyeshadow palettes and a brow palette
  5. Mascara, brow gel, and eyeliner
  6. Various lip products
  7. Concealer
I just set my larger items like blush and powder on the counter in front of the organizer.

Next order of business: Invest in some stackable jars for hair ties, clip, and bobby pin storage.  I had these items floating around in a drawer for the longest time, and they did just that…float!  Some disappeared to heaven knows where, and I couldn’t really see what I had.  Since finding this stackable jar set at Marshall’s/Homegoods (Who doesn’t love that place??), everything stays in its home, and I have utilized some clips and ties I haven’t used in many months.  Stackable jars are the way to go because there is only 1 lid to keep track of, and you almost have to put them back in their places (to maintain the chicness).  This keeps you organized by default.  And notice the bobby pins are on top…those elusive little buggers!  (You can get a similar set from Amazon here, but I recommend shopping at Marshall’s or TJ Maxx because I paid half this price, and mine say “pretty little things.”)ChicMakeupStorage1ChicMakeupStorageStackable

Lastly, grab some baskets.  I am a self-professed basket-lady.  I. LOVE. BASKETS.  You can seriously do almost anything with a basket, and they are just so cozy and cute.  This one I believe also came from Marshall’s/Homegoods (but you can also have luck at Target), and it has two sections to help keep items tidy.  I keep hair products, deodorant, and lavender body spray (for nighttime) on one side and lotion and my array of moisturizers on the other.ChicMakeupStorageBasket

Keep occasional bathroom items like facial masks and bubble bath in a basket beneath the sink (or another location that works for you), and occasional makeup at your vanity or in a beauty bag.

That’s what’s up in chic organization ideas.  I hope these ideas inspire you and get you from your bed to your car in a much more efficient manner.  If you like this post, please follow and share!  Thanks for hanging out!

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