The Best Drugstore Mascara Dupe for Chanel Inimitable

You guys.  I no longer have to pay $32 every time I want a fresh tube of mascara.  I have discovered the best drugstore mascara dupe for Chanel Inimitable.

I’ve been using Chanel Inimitable for years because it provides awesome results. [wc_heading type=”h1″ title=”Why is it so amazing? ” margin_top=”” margin_bottom=”” text_align=”left” font_size=”” color=”” class=”” icon_left=”” icon_right=”” icon_spacing=””]

  • It gives me thick, long, lush-looking lashes that stay put all day
  • It doesn’t droop, flake, or smudge. I did a post about this holy grail mascara way back when, which you can view here.

While I can’t say I will for sure stop purchasing it completely, I can say I have found the holy grail of drugstore mascaras that gives Chanel a huge run for it’s money…both literally and figuratively, because it will be running to find my money from now on!  I no include CoverGirl Professional Super Thick Lash Mascara in my list of makeup must-haves.  (Thanks to my adorable teen cousin for informing me about this liquid gold!  You can read more about my drugstore favorites here.)

[wc_heading type=”h1″ title=”Are there any differences?” margin_top=”” margin_bottom=”” text_align=”left” font_size=”” color=”” class=”” icon_left=”” icon_right=”” icon_spacing=””]

With the same amount of effort applying the CoverGirl, I am left with Chanel-grade lashes.  There are two minor differences:

  • The CoverGirl brush is a little bigger and fluffier, but that is certainly no bother to me.
  • The Chanel tube does last at least a month longer (about 3 months total versus 1.5 months for the CoverGirl) before I start thinking of purchasing a new one, but I could get 5 CoverGirl tubes for the price of 1 Chanel.
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Here is a photo of the two different mascaras on my lashes.  Note:  I do not curl or prime my lashes. This is all mascara!ChanelDupeCloseup

And below is a photo from a day earlier this week when I was wearing Covergirl on both sets of lashes.


Do you see why this drugstore mascara is an awesome dupe for Chanel Inimitable?  I was totally shocked that I liked it so much, since I was so convinced that Chanel was the only mascara I would ever like again.  I can save over $25 a tube now and use that money for something else if I wish.

Also know that I wear contacts and have horrible allergies, and since this mascara is hypoallergenic, it’s perfect for sensitive eyes.  I have had no trouble thus far.

That’s whats up in high-end makeup dupes today.  Have you found any holy grail drugstore beauty items to replace your pricey products?  Please let me know so I can try them out!  Also, if you enjoyed this post, please subscribe for more!


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