e.l.f. BB Cream Review

Hey, beautiful people!  It has been at least a year since I went for a BB cream.  I don’t really know why, other than that I was really digging my foundation.  Plus, after I had babies, my skin got more uneven and just yuck at times, so maybe I thought foundation would give me more coverage.  Do you think I’ll be able to use this e.l.f. BB cream place of my current medium-full coverage foundation?  Read on!


The signature black containers of the e.l.f containers are sleek and to the point, but my favorite part about the packaging is that I don’t have to squeeze the tube to get the product:  The pump is a standout feature and made me feel like the cream was a regular foundation.  Since I am a foundation girl, this is a total plus.  A pump makes it easier to get the makeup out and leaves less chance of a mess than a squeeze tube.ElfBBCreamApplication


The consistency is definitely synonymous with what a BB cream actually is: a foundation and a moisturizer.  It feels slightly stickier than the foundation I normally use, which is most likely because of the moisturizer and SPF the cream contains.  It didn’t bother me though.  It glided on smoothly and blended with little effort, and I only used my fingertips.ElfBBCreamSwatch

The End Result

bare skin

Here is a photo of my skin bare, with no foundation or concealer.  (I was, however,  wearing under eye concealer.  I didn’t want you to have to run away from your phone or computer screen screaming lol.)  As you can see, there are some uneven spots regarding color.

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ElfBBCreamAfterHere is a photo of my skin immediately after I applied the e.l.f. BB Cream- No blush, highlighter, powder, or anything of the sort.  You will see that the product did a good job of evening out my skin tone.





And here is my finished look.  I added blush, highlighter, and some finishing powder to set the cream and keep it from looking too shiny.  (Note:  I did not feel the need to add any concealer.)  Now I am officially ready to go outside.  Ha!

finished look
finished look










  • It saves time because it contains moisturizer and sunscreen, so you don’t have to apply those separately, and it is very easy to blend.  I need to add this product to my post 4 Drugstore Beauty Items that Save Me Time in the Morning!.
  • The price is is budget-friendly, at $6.00.
  • It has anti-aging components and nourishes your skin.
  • It lasts all day.
  • It evens out skin tone and hides imperfections without the need for concealer.
  • The pump makes for less mess and waste.


  • You probably need a little bit of finishing powder.  The BB cream leaves your skin a little shiny.  (Some people might be okay with this.)
  • I am not sure how long this tube will last.  I have a feeling it will run out pretty quickly, but I’ll have to report back on that.

Do you think this cream got the job done?  I am really happy with it.  The coverage is not as sheer as I expected and is perfect for everyday use.  Which makeup do you prefer: traditional foundation or BB cream?  Please comment and let me know which and if you have a favorite brand. 🙂  Also, let’s stay connected- Leave your social media info. as well!

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That’s what’s up and in my makeup bag right now.  Have you tried this BB cream?  Do you have a different favorite? 



6 thoughts on “e.l.f. BB Cream Review

  1. Great review! I think it did a great job and you are very pretty btw 🙂 I am definitely more a BB cream kind of person. I am lucky to not have too many skin issues so I really just use it to even things out and as a base for the rest of my face makeup (blush, contour etc). I’m a huge fan of the Tarte BB Tinted Moisturizer, thats definitely my favorite. But I also use the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB one as well to help offset the more pricey Tarte one haha.

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