Thrifty Thursday: Chapter 7

Hey, everyone!  It’s Thursday!  Just keep swimming…

I am totally into graphic tees, and I seem to have good luck finding cute ones at bargain stores like Marshall’s and TJ Maxx, which is good because I buy a lot of them!  This one is pretty basic, but the message is so my life!  I couldn’t go wrong with a tee that reads “Lattes and Lipstick,” right?!  Plus, at $9.99, I rushed it right to the TJ Maxx checkout line, but not before searching for more goods.  I couldn’t find this exact top on the TJ Maxx website for you, but I did find it on Postmark…for $38.00!!  See for yourself -> here.TTCh7FI

I wore this one over a bikini while I was by the beach and enjoying an iced vanilla latte (yummy and caffeinated), but I would love to try this top in the fall with distressed white skinnies (Yes, you can wear white after Labor Day.), a cozy asymmetrical blush cardigan, some camel-toned booties, and of course,  a pumpkin spice latte in hand.  When I wear this look, I will definitely share!


Top from TJ Maxx; Brand- Enough About Me

That’s what’s up on this Thrifty Thursday.  Do you guys also have a certain type of clothing that you can’t resist?

Until the next one!

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