Beautycounter Lip Sheer and Eyeshadow Duo

I recently shared my new go-to lipstick, Beautycounter’s Lip Sheer.  The lipstick came as part of a duo with a lovely peach and bronze eyeshadow.  The Beautycounter Lip Sheer and Eyeshadow Duo ooze summer, but that won’t keep me from wearing them throughout the fall in the dead of winter when I feel like a pale Halloween costume.  The earthy tones are great for any time of the year!

You can read more about the neutral, buttery Lip Sheer (fragrance free and created with nontoxic goodies) here, but today I am going to focus on its partner, the Color Shade Eye Duo in Peach/Bronze.

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The Peach shade matches my skin tone exactly.  I cannot even really see it here in this swatch, but it still evens out and wakes up my lids.  I applied it from lash lines to brow bones, and then swiped Bronze in my creases and blended upward.  (I am wearing the Lip Sheer in these unfiltered photos.)BCSummerNightsDuoCloseupBCEyeshadowDuoSwatchBCSummerNightsDuoDace1BCSummerNightsDuoLids

The eyeshadow duo and the lipstick both have subtle pigmentation, which makes them perfect for natural makeup looks.  The colors suit my skin tone, so I think I will be wearing these year round.  Also, the packaging is equally delightful.  Have a look!BCSummerNightsDuoPackaging

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Not only are these products really pretty, they allow you to primp knowing the ingredients are safe.  Beautycounter promises to use the safest ingredients they can find in their products, and many of them contain nourishing ingredients like antioxidants and moisturizers such as porcelain flower extract, which the eyeshadow duo has.

I can see why Beautycounter sold these products as a package- They totally complement each other.  I cannot wait to see other items be paired as seasonal duos!  I already have my eyes on a gorgeous burgundy gloss.  If you are interested in buying these or other Beautycounter products, you can do so through a consultant via this link.  Target also recently began carrying select Beautycounter products.

That’s what’s up in revolutionary beauty today.  What do you think of these products?  Have you heard of them before or tried them? 

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    Thank you, lovely!

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    Hi, lovely. Thank you! Of course I’ll visit your blog. Also, these products are really awesome. The lipstick is my favorite- lasts for hours even though it is sheer. xo

  3. 10.29.16

    Thank you! The lip sheer is amazing. Even though it is sheer, it lasts for a long time while providing healthy-looking shine. xo

  4. 11.17.16

    Thank you!!

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