0 thoughts on “New Blog Look!

  1. Looks greats!! Is your website hosted through WordPress still or did you go through another company. I went through ipage and used Jetpack for WordPress. For some reason, no one can see my posts. It sucks!!!

    1. Thank you!! Yea I am still with Worspress. I had trouble even liking your post. It asked me to sign into WordPress so I tried, but it said it didn’t recognize me. Then I realized it wanted you to sign in!!! Lol I have no idea what I did wrong but I must have hit something I shouldn’t have at first. Anyway I figured it out. Can you go back to WordPress?? I love your posts!

      1. Yeah, I’m having so many problem. It’s linked to WordPress but it’s not showing up on the feed. I should have not been cheap and went through WordPress to begin with, I might have to pay the $99 and go with WordPress.

          1. No, if I want my own domain name then It’s $99 through WordPress. I didn’t know if I went through ipage but still had it connected with WordPress through Jetpack, I wouldn’t be on the feed anymore. I just wanted a .com and to be able to customize my blog better.

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