Thrifty Thursday: Chapter 5

Wow!  How is it already Thursday again?  Time flies…

I hope you are doing spectacularly on this Thrifty Thursday.  I have a simple, casual, summery top to show you.  Why is it a thrifty?  Uh…because I paid $4.80??!  And because it’s highly functional and soft?  It’s a win for my closet and my wallet.


Isn’t it Georgia peachy?  It’s a fab find, and the color is actually called Georgia Peach. Haha.  I found it at Kohl’s in the Juniors’ section (where items tend to be a little more inexpensive in the first place), and I had a discount and Kohl’s Cash, so I paid a mere $4.80 (regularly $16.00).  I mean…come on.  You can barely get a Happy Meal for that much!  Plus, I have already worn and washed it multiple times, so this top has made it through the test of time.  You really cannot go wrong-  cute neckline and pocket and no itchy tags on the inside to nag you all day.  You can find it HERE.


If you are wondering about my necklace, it is vintage.  I bought from an Etsy shop that specializes in vintage jewelry.  If you want to browse the other jewelry items in the shop, you can HERE.  I also explained more about the necklace I am wearing in one of my earlier posts, My New Favorite Necklace.

That’s what’s up on this Thrifty Thursday. I hope you have yourselves a wonderful end to the week. Don’t forget to follow, comment, and share!  Thanks for reading.


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