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Hi, everyone!  I hope you are having a great week.  As always, I have been spending a lot of time behind the sink cleaning up my little cuties’ messes.  I thought I would share with you some of the items I keep handy by the sink (aside from the obvious items like hand soap).  The following goodies help me stay organized and relaxed.  Note: Our kitchen sink is in an island with stools facing it, so the placement of the items also makes it easier for guests to grab what they might need.

KitchenEssentialsLabeled1. A Scented Candle: This candle smells relaxingly delicious.  I found it at Anthropologie…I am obsessed KitchenSinkCandle with the knickknacks in that place.  I had twice bought a candle from this same brand but of a different scent, and it was incredible, so I knew this one would not
disappoint.  I love having scented candles at my fingertips.  Their scents can create an atmosphere so quickly and can melt away away any tensions I may be having.  You can purchase this Boulangerie Lavender Shortbread candle HERE.

2.  Toothpicks:  These are mainly for my husband, but they are handy for guests as well.  I placed them in an antique crystal jar given to us by my grandmother.  It’s much more convenient than having them hidden in a drawer somewhere, and the little trinket provides a chic little presentation.  KitchenSinkEssentialsinBasket

3. A Basket:  You need a basket to stash the goodies and keep them organized so that when you need them, they are there.  A simple wire basket allows you to easily see what’s inside.  This particular basket is from Anthropologie, but I don’t think it is available online.

4. Hand Sanitizer:  I wash my hands a TON since the girls are still so little, but sometimes I can get away with hand sanitizer as a quick fix in certain situations.  This one is my favorites- It smells like the spa.  Who wouldn’t want their hands wafting notes of eucalyptus?  You can buy it HERE!

Oscar Dresses5. Hand Cream or Lotion:  So with all of the hand-washing I do, I need a good hand cream at hand (and on my hands).  I found this Lollia cream at Anthropologie.  It is super moisturizing since it contains shea butter, and it smells like summer- almost like sunscreen.  The “Relax” version, which comes in a purple tube, smells amazing also, but the store was out of it.  If you are not into either of these scents, Bath and Body works carries another favorite of mine,  Sparking Limoncello Luxury Hand Lotion.

6. Norwex Enviro Cloth:  This cloth just needs to be dampened, and it wipes down anything in the kitchen- from stainless steel appliances to tables, counters and highchairs to messes on tile floors.  This cloth is a lifesaver.  And it allows you to drastically cut back on paper towel usage, which consequently reduces waste. (No more emptying the trash can every five seconds!)  Just rinse the cloth in hot water after each use and launder every couple of days if you use it for some grimy jobs.  Otherwise, wash it once a week in a detergent free of dyes and perfumes.  To learn more about this wonder cloth and it’s companion, the Window Cloth, visit my post Revealed: A Shortcut to a Squeaky-Clean Home.  You can purchase this cloth through a consultant HERE.

7. A Trinket Dish:  I am constantly removing my rings to rub lotion into my hands or wash something really disgusting, and being a mom, I am forever forgetting where I placed things.  I certainly do not want to lose my wedding rings, so I place them on a little monogramed trinket dish every single time I have to remove them.  This way, I know exactly where I left them.  No more digging through the trash or garbage disposal!  Just be sure not to place the dish too close to the sink.  HERE is s a similar trinket dish from Anthropologie.

And there you have it!  Those are my top 7 kitchen sink essentials.  Do you guys keep any certain items handy by your sinks?  Comment below!

That’s what’s up in my kitchen today.  Check back tomorrow for my Thrifty Thursday post!  Thanks for reading!

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  1. 6.22.16
    mandyjo79 said:

    I had the Lollia hand cream in the relax one when I was in the hospital waiting to give birth and it was amazing. My husband would massage it into my hands. I loved it!!

    • 6.23.16

      Awesome! It smells so good. I have never had it before.

      • 6.23.16
        mandyjo79 said:

        I had two tubes when I was in the hospital. It was

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