Sun Goddess Outfit and Makeup Look

Hi, guys!  The first thing that came to my mind as I saw my completed outfit/makeup staring back at me in the mirror was sun goddess.  This look is saturated in golden and shimmery accents, so the term “sun goddess” seems like the perfect title for it. SungoddessOutside


Here are the outfit details:


To complete the ambience, I made sure my makeup was shimmery and shiny with golden undertones.  If you want to recreate this eyeshadow look, see my tutorial HERE.


Isn’t summer outfit styling so fun?!  I love being able to quickly throw on a neutral tank and shorts and decorate it with accessories.  It is so simple and enjoyable, and you really cannot go wrong with the accessories.  You could pair these clothes with countless necklaces, long or short, and any bracelets.  Add some more rings and an ankle bracelet to transform the look even further into the realm of sun goddesses!

That’s what’s up in summer style today.  I hope you like the look!  Don’t forget to comment, share, and find me on social media!  Thanks for reading.

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