The Perfect Summer Bag (Must-Have for Moms)

Hey, guys!  A few months ago, I was on the hunt for a new bag to tote around every day.  I had been using a really pretty designer crossbody bag that I absolutely loved the look of, but since it was leather, it was just weighing on me.  Leather bags can be so beautiful, but they can also be too heavy for every day.   And when you are also toting two little girls around, it can honestly get to be too much.  Now I know to save the leather bags for when I am alone or don’t have so much walking to do.

After perusing various purses, I found a LeSportsac.  I had heard of and seen this brand before but never got around to owning one.  Goodness, I don’t know how I lived so long without one.  They are highly functional and lightweight (SUPER lightweight), with many pockets that make it easy to grab and store your phone, keys, and frequently used lip products.  I even hide snacks in the zipper pockets so I can pull them out if my girls get irritable.

LeSportsac Everyday Bag in Black- My first LeSportsac
These bags are revolutionary in my mind, since they are both fashionable and functional.  The straps have such a wide range of adjustability.  And the bags are available in a vast array of shapes and sizes… I am thinking of getting a backpack next.  There really is one for every lifestyle and occasion!

Here is the Essential Crossbody I purchased last week (20% off from Lord and Taylor!).  It’s a little smaller than the Everyday Bag, but still roomy enough for all of my necessities.  (It even fits a bottle of water.)  I wanted a lighter shade for summertime.

LeSportsac Essential 2
There is a pocket in the back, too!  That’s where I keep my phone.
LeSportsac Essential

This bag is perfect for summer, and if you’re a mom, it is a must-have!  I got stuck in the rain one day with my girls, and with both of my hands holding a toddler’s hand, there are no more hands for umbrellas.  So we all got soaked- yes, even the bag.  It dried quickly and protected everything inside, and you would never know it had been drenched.

I am loving the color of this bag-  It goes with the color palette of my wardrobe.  If Lord and Taylor doesn’t have the color or print you need, has a larger selection.  I can’t even look at it right now, because they have a summer Minnie Mouse Collection, and I can’t control myself!

That’s what’s up in crossbody style today.  I hope you enjoyed the post!

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