Outfit: Feminine with an Edge

Hey, guys!  I want to share with you a top and shorts from Kohl’s!  If you have been following my blog, you may have noticed that I love that store, particularly because it carries a clothing line from one my favorite women and designers, Lauren Conrad.  Her LC Lauren Conrad line basically takes up half of my closet!  Her style is so feminine, dainty, and whimsical.  She pays attention to little details that can make a piece of clothing really shine.  Have a look at the back of this Striped Gauze Top.  That bow!  It had me at hello.LCPatriotic

It is super airy and delicate, which makes it a cool top for hot summer days like today.  To add to the femininity, I added a sparkly faux pearl necklace and a rhinestone bow in my hair.  And since the stripes are blue, I paired it with red, cut-off Rock and Republic shorts that I purchased from Kohl’s last year.  It is almost Memorial Day, so I was feeling patriotic!  And the shorts give the daintiness of the top a little edge and make the outfit really pop, although they are far from the only partner for this pretty shirt, which definitely stands out on its own.



I made my makeup of the day extra feminine and soft to complement the accessories and top…


That’s whats up with my personal style today- feminine and edgy.  I have to admit I did question the red shorts at first, but I am glad I went back upstairs to change into them before I headed out for the day.  Always believe in yourselves when it comes to fashion!

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