Smooth, Clean Skin in 1 Simple Step

Hey, guys!  I recently had the pleasure of sampling a Norwex Body Cloth.  It cleanses and exfoliates your skin, and all you have to do is add warm water.  It’s the perfect addition to your daily shower/cleansing routine and a fantastic travel partner.  It can replace your washcloth or mesh sponge, as well as your body wash or soap.  Yep, your soap!  The microfibers in the cloth whisk away oil, dirt, and makeup, and the silver in the cloth is a fast at combatting mold, mildew, and fungus so that you can use the cloth multiple times before laundering.

I am going to tell you about a few different ways I used the cloth.  As seen in the photo above, I used the cloth to exfoliate my legs before shaving.  Let me tell you…I have never had smoother legs in my entire life!  And it definitely helped the razor just glide across my skin- no shaving cream required, which is very convenient and saves money!  Plus, you eliminate the mess that sometimes comes with using shaving cream.  I also used the cloth on my (eek!) armpits before shaving them, and I kid you not, I have some sleek armpits now!  Haha.  Men- You can use the cloth to exfoliate your face before shaving.  And everyone can benefit from some elbow and heel exfoliation!  No scrubs or spa required.

I also used the cloth in lieu of my beloved mesh sponge and body wash routine.  The wet cloth properly cleansed my skin and left it smooth and fresh.  My armpits (again, eek!) were still cooperating at the end of my busy day full of lots of strenuous toddler-tending activities AND the following morning after I had rolled around in bed all night.  I was completely shocked, to be honest with you.  But while it efficiently kept me feeling and smelling clean for 24 hours, I really did miss my scented suds routine.  But hey, if you don’t need all that, I would ditch the suds for this cloth.  Suds can dry skin out for some people, and this cloth eliminates that factor.  You can even use it on your babies or children!

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This cloth did another job for me-  It removed my makeup!  Do you remember my post Why I Broke Up With Makeup Remover Cleansing Wipes?  In that post, I used a cloth with extremely fine fibers made specifically for sensitive skin and makeup removal.  The Norwex Makeup Cloth feels almost like suede and did an incredible job at removing all of my makeup.  If you haven’t read that blog post, please do!  The Body Cloth did a fabulous job at disappearing my makeup as well!  It removed all makeup (including eye makeup) and left my skin exfoliated and clean.  See for yourself!  (Oh, what the heck…my readers and Instagram followers have already seen me without makeup.  What’s one more time.  It’s funny how I won’t go out in public without makeup, but I will post photos sans makeup for the world to see.  I haven’t figured out why, but when I do, I’ll enlighten you.)

I have sensitive skin, and my skin reacted perfectly to it.  But if you have super sensitive skin, I would stick to the Makeup Cloth, since it is formulated specifically for delicate faces.   If you are going to use either of these cloths to remove heavy makeup,  you might want to wash them slightly more often (always in a detergent free of dye and perfumes).  Staining is normal and does not interfere with the performance of the cloth.

Interested in one of these cloths?  You can only purchase them through a consultant.  I happen to know one, so you’re in luck!  She gave me some Norwex products in exchange for honest reviews, and you can check out her shop.  Here is a shortcut to the Body Cloth.  She also has a cloth for cleaning your home, which I reviewed in Revealed: A Shortcut to a Squeaky-Clean Home.

That’s what’s up in skincare today.  You can have smooth, clean skin in 1 simple step.  What’s not to love?

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Talk to you soon!


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