The Ups and Downs of Blogging

I love blogging so much.  It is the most exciting hobby I have ever had. I think it is becauseThoughtBubble I am pretty much free to ramble on about anything I love: makeup, style and fashion, bargains, food…It is exhilarating to know I have people actually reading my rambles.  And liking my rambles.  And encouraging me.

Promoting my blog via different avenues of social media is interesting and keeps me learning every step of the way.  There is so much more to this blogging gig than I realized when I decided I needed to blog:  gaining followers, taking quality photos of beauty items, taking quality photos of myself when no one is here to take them for me (Heaven knows my toddlers aren’t going to help with that.), choosing interesting content to share with readers, marketing, just learning the ins and outs of WordPress…the list continues.  And to be honest, I really did not have a clear idea of what defines a blog when I started.  One day, I just got so frustrated with only taking care of my kids and the house (and trying to take care of myself) that I decided I needed to give my mind an escape.  I said hey, I like to write, I like to buy stuff, I like to tell people about the stuff I buy, why not blog about it!  The next day, my first blog post was born, and then I discovered that there are a GAZILLION other lovely bloggers out there who enjoy talking about the same things I do.  Talk about ups and downs!

I told myself not to worry, this is just a hobby to get your mind away from the normal every day occurrences and duties.  And it is!  But I am the type of person who doesn’t go into things half-heartedly.  I become invested in everything I do.

It is so easy to feel intimidated by bloggers who have 400,000 followers on Instagram.  Like, omg, how did they do that?!  It is also mind-blowing to see that other bloggers out there have 10,000 blog followers on WordPress.  Like, what??! follow-1277029_640 But it is also so nice to see that there are other bloggers just starting out or who have started after me, and I don’t feel so alone regarding my feelings of doubt.

So I just tell myself to own it.  Just do it.  Just keep writing.  Just keep taking photos with your iPhone, which is  balancing on a basket, which itself is balancing on top of a chair in the sunroom just to get a full-length shot. Just keep supporting newbie bloggers, novice bloggers, all the bloggers.  Just keep discovering new ways to get your blog noticed.  I have to admit, there is so much information out there about blogging tips.  It’s more than enough to make my mind spin.  But I love it.  I love learning new things…doing something I never thought I would do.  And I love being inspired by all of your blog posts!  This blogging thing is way worth the ups and downs that are attached to it.  If I have to be frustrated in order to be exhilherated, I’ll take it.  Besides, I really don’t think one of those feelings exists without the other waiting in the wings.

Transitioning from being a busy elementary school teacher with a wonderful support network to being a stay-at-home mom whose hardworking husband logs 12+ hour days and whose family isn’t close by was not easy.  Thanks for supporting me and distracting me from the diapers and dishes.  You’re the best!

That’s what’s up today.  Hopefully, my ramblings resonated with you.  Happy Friday!


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  1. 5.20.16

    Such a great post. I feel the same way. Keep at it!

  2. 5.20.16
    lexilife said:

    Great little post! It’s all about patience and not being overly ambitious right! xx

  3. 5.20.16
    lexilife said:

    Oh shit sorry!! hahahahah!! I was meant to copy and paste my link to my blog but Im in the middle of watching one born every minute lol so sorry xx

  4. 5.20.16

    Totally! Just have fun and don’t try too hard ??

  5. 5.20.16
    mandyjo79 said:

    I’m feel the same way!! It’s a very fun way to express ourselves. Great post!!

  6. 5.24.16

    I can relate to you…I feel this way everytime I sit down to write a post and after I hit the PUBLISH button, the anxiety just heightens!! I just try to put in a lot while brainstorming for posts and their content.
    But, I am sure hardwork pays off..So, Good Luck and keep writing… Like everyone else, you will also be a huge part of the blogging community..

    Much Love..xoxo??

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