Shimmery, Summery Shadow

Hello!  I was in Target (surprise, surprise) a few days ago, and this sparkly shadow caught my eye.  I love neutral tones and tones in the pink/peach family for my skin, so I couldn’t leave this beautiful pallet of 6 just sitting on the shelf.  I physically couldn’t.  I know you’ve been there!  

This pallet is from Pixi by Petra.  I have never before bought makeup from this brand, and it upsets me to know that I have totally been missing out!  Also, I don’t know how I resisted it before…the mint green packaging and bronze logo are so appealing!PixiPallet

This set of shadows is called Copper Peach.  I love how you can layer the darker shades over the lighter colors.  The formula really blends well, too, and it feels like velvet when I am applying it, which probably prevented it from creasing (not even a little bit by the end of the day!).   Also, the long handle on the brush made it easier for me to sweep the darker hues in the harder-to-reach places.  I was surprised, since I usually go for the shorter brushes!

This shimmery, summer pallet has everything going for it.  I don’t know what Petra’s secret is, but I am glad she has a secret.  I can’t wait to check out her other products.  Do you guys have any of her little makeup treasures??

That’s what’s up (literally- up on my eyelids) and in my makeup bag now.  Come say hi on social media!  I’d love to connect.


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  1. 5.19.16
    Jforte said:

    What was the price on the pallet? I need this! And it looks great on you!

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