Daytime Makeup for the Weekend

Hey, everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  I wanted to share with you the makeup I chose for a bridal shower I attended on Sunday.  I wanted my makeup to look more special than what I normally choose for everyday, so I added a few unique touches.   The most outstanding difference is my lipstick choice-  I usually prefer a natural lip, but I wanted a little extra sparkle.  What is ironic is that to achieve my “sparkle”, I used a super bright matte lipstick.  I actually received it in a bonus sample from Clinique, and I LOVE it.  Totally out of my comfort zone, but it made me feel especially comfortable in my own skin!  Check it out HERE!


I thought the color would be too much, but I decided to just own it and make it work.  Not much trouble there- I am sure this lipstick would suit just about anyone!  And it stayed put ALL day.  It is almost like a lip stain!  It didn’t hardly budge after nibbling decadent snacks and sipping on mimosas.  I never thought I would like a matte lipstick, but I was completely wrong!

I kept most of my other makeup pretty simple, although I added a little extra eyeliner and dark shadow in my eyelid creases and at the corners of my eyes.  And of course, you can never have too much highlighter on your cheekbones!


Here is the complete list of the makeup I wore:

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This makeup look only takes about 10 minutes to apply and looks like a million bucks if you ask me!  Do you have a special makeup routine for weekends??

Sidenote:  I love the outfit I wore in these photos, but that is a post for another day.  Stay tuned!

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