YouTube: Clinique Sweet Pot Sugar Scrub and Gloss Duo

Hey, all!  I have another lip product for you.  I usually don’t like lip glosses that you have to apply with your finger,  but for this Clinique Sweet Pot, I will gladly make an exception.  It lives up to its name…It really is sweet in every way!  It’s got sugar (which is sweet, literally), plus, it exfoliates, moisturizes, and makes your lips look amazing.  Sounds pretty sweet to me!  Have a look for yourself.

Demo of Clinique Sweet Pot in Sweet Rose

Isn’t that a lovely color?  I might have to try the pink framboise next.

That’s what’s up and on my lips today.  Want to see more posts like this?  Follow my blog and subscribe to my YouTube channel.  Thanks for reading, and have a sweet weekend!


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