How to Rock a Plain White Tee

Hey, there!  I may not be Delilah, but I can still rock a plain white tee!  Thanks to the band The Plain White T’s for the inspiration…Now you will be reading this post to a soundtrack in your head, am I right?!

But really.  I have some tips on how to style a white tee.  White tees are not that plain when you find an interesting cut, and they are the perfect canvas for bright and on-trend accessories.  And you don’t necessarily have to pair your favorite white tee with jeans, but I think it is a classic (but not boring) choice.

I love this particular tee because it has a relaxed fit without looking too sloppy.  The v-neck gives it some sex-appeal, and the fact that it is not cut uniformly all the way around keeps it interesting.

White Tee: Billabong (found at TJ Maxx for $7.99!) Shop a similar one HERE.



Tucked in
I am a boho girl, so I chose a long necklace by Lucky Brand, which is also from TJ Maxx.  The longer length complements the slouchiness of the tee.  I incorporated some color into the look with Alex and Ani bracelets and some bright lipstick  by Clinique, which you can learn more about in Peonies and Orchids: Spring Cosmetics.

Lastly, I topped off (er, bottomed off) my look with strappy sandals, but you could do neutral wedges as well (as long as they are not too formal).  I am 5’10”, so I don’t reach for heels very often.  Don’t you think this is the perfect casual look for spring?

That’s what’s up in fashion today.  I hope I inspired you to stop ignoring your plain white tees!  I am singing to my tee…”Ooooh, it’s what you do to me…”  Ha!

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