Mother’s Day Gifts: Marshall’s/Homegoods

Hi, guys!  Mother’s Day is swiftly approaching, and you might need some additional items to complete your gifts.  Whether you want to give a cute little something in addition to treating your mom to brunch or flowers or to add something small onto a gift you already had in mind, Marshall’s/Homegoods has you covered!  I picked up these gems today, and I don’t know who wouldn’t like them.  The pastel colors can brighten up any space, and the inspirational messages on some of them increase the special-factor.  Also, all of these items can be placed into a woven basket (which you can also find at Marshall’s/Homegoods) to create one large gift.  And each of these items are under $5!

I have to be honest, the little notebooks and pens are for me.  The notebooks are made by Éccolo and are just the right size for any purse.  Plus, they are lined and come in a pack of 3.  Often, I prefer to jot ideas down instead of typing them into my phone.  My thoughts have more staying power this way!  And the pens are super chic- I love that they don’t have caps.  I don’t have to worry about them drying out!  They are made by Fringe, and each have a journal-related phrase on them.  Notebooks and pens aren’t just for bloggers, so hand them over to your mom or mother of your children (or aunt, grandmother, mother-in-law, Godmother…)

Pens: $4.99

I enjoy decorative soaps in boxes.  I think they make powder rooms and bathrooms look more quaint and cozy.  This triple milled soap by Egyptian Cotton smells so fresh, and the box is precious.  The little cupcake on the tray has a rhinestone as the cherry on top!

Next, I found a picture frame by Sheffield Home.  What drew me to it initially was the color scheme, but then I saw the inspirational saying that came with it, and in the cart it went.  Personally, I wouldn’t even put a photo in this frame, but you certainly can!  Give this to mom so she can catch glimpses of it every day to help lift spirits during trying times.


Lastly, I found these mugs made by Fringe.  They are perfect for keeping on display in a transparent cabinet, storing makeup brushes and lip glosses, and of course, drinking tea or coffee!

$3.99 apiece


That’s whats up (and in my bag) today.  Have a happy Mother’s Day weekend, everyone!


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  1. 5.5.16

    Great steals! I love Homegoods. I just bought these really cute pillows from there that I absolutely love! I love how you never know what you’re going to find there.

    Thanks for sharing your finds. The cups are my favorite:)

    • 5.5.16

      Yessss!! I love that place so much. ? I have a lot of pillows from them as well. Thanks for reading!

  2. 5.5.16
    Karen said:

    And its made by sheffield! How great is that!

  3. 5.6.16

    Thanks! And I just got home from TJ Maxx. lol

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