Revealed: A Shortcut to a Squeaky-Clean Home

I am often (always) too busy to dig out the Windex and spritz my windows, which are “decorated” with toddler handprints or to spray cleaner on the gunk that adorns the inside of my microwave, and I usually don’t want to spray while the kids are right there hanging on my ankles.  I don’t want them breathing in the chemicals, and when they are napping (which sometimes doesn’t even happen), I am way too pooped to clean!  I would much rather be making my lunch in the microwave and chatting with you!
But now I can make my lunch in a microwave free of grime, eat lunch while looking out a clean window, and chat with you.  Thanks to the Norwex products I will discuss below, I can safely, simply, and quickly clean with my toddlers just inches away from me.

Like the makeup cloth I reviewed in  Why I Broke Up With Makeup Remover Cleansing Wipes, the Norwex Enviro and Window Cloths are a revolutionary.  They are definitely a power pair on windows and mirrors, and the Enviro Cloth is powerful by itself at de-gunking almost any non-porous surface.  Like the makeup cloth, these cloths have very fine and dense microfibers that grab dirt and germs, and the antimicrobial silver embedded in the fibers keeps bacteria, mold, and mildew at bay.

The best part is that all you need to do is add water- You no longer need to have so many cleaning agents on hand (and no longer need to lock them up to keep your children safe).  Oh, and the other best part is that the Window Cloth leaves surfaces streak-free.  On top of these features, you save money on paper towels and Windex (both of which leave streaks when I use them), all while reducing your carbon footprint.

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Im going to walk you through cleaning this window:DirtyWindow1

First, wipe with wet Enviro Cloth.
DirtyWindow1- WindowCloth
Then, wipe with dry Window Cloth.
DirtyWindow1- Clean
Check it out!

Looks good, right?  Now, take my shower door.  I went through the same steps as above, and look at this incredible before and after!  I didn’t even have to put any muscle into it.  Either that or I am way stronger than I think.  Ha!  I was seriously astonished.

Shower Door B&A
Inside of shower door- before and after.

After the windows, I moved onto my kids’ sneakers.  But for this, I no longer needed the window cloth.  Just add water to the Enviro Cloth and go!  Below you’ll see a before photo of two dirty sneakers and also an after photo, where I only cleaned the sneaker on your left.

Yep!  All it takes is water and an Enviro Cloth!  And as I was cleaning the shoes, I noticed how was my dirty the wall was, so I just wiped it down with the same cloth, without adding any extra water.

Right side was cleaned- Note the difference.

Wiping the walls down with the Enviro Cloth is much easier than using a Magic Eraser for a couple of reasons:

  • You already have the cloth out since you are cleaning other items with it.
  • It doesn’t contain harsh ingredients, so it doesn’t ruin you manicure like Magic Eraser.  (Yes, that is a VERY important feature.)
  • You don’t have to keep buying Magic Erasers!

I bet you’ve been waiting to see my (previously) disgusting microwave.  It’s just one of those things that gets ignored around here.  Out of sight, out of mind!  And when I tell you I did not have to press hard even a little bit to clean this microwave, that is an understatement.  I could not believe how effortless it was to clean!

I hope these scenarios gave you an a good idea about how powerful these cloths are.  Just think-  You can pretty much just wet the Enviro Cloth, look around, and clean everything you see!  These cloths are powerful without containing harsh chemicals, and they reduce the need for paper towels in your home.  If you decide to purchase both of them, remember to wash them in a detergent free of dyes and perfumes, which can damage the performance of the cloths.  No need for the Window Cloth?  You can purchase the Enviro Cloth by itself.  Note:  Norwex items are only available through a consultant.  I’ve included links throughout the post to a consultant’s website, so feel free to contact her with any questions!

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I had never heard of these products before being given a few in exchange for writing honest reviews.  And I don’t know how I was surviving without them!

That’s what’s up in my clean house today.  Talk to you soon!


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